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Christian Skit/Script and Poem Page

I decided to create this page after endlessly searching the internet for Christian Dramas for our Churches drama team.

I had written several Christian Dramas and Skits as well as Poems and wanted to share them with others in hopes that they may be used to touch someone so that they may receive Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. I do not claim to be a professional writer, just someone who loves to write. Sometimes the Lord puts ideas in my head and I sit down at the computer and after prayer I let the Lord guide me as I write the skits and poems. I hope you enjoy them.

If you have a skit, script or poem you would like to share with others please submit it to me and I will be more than happy to post it on this site! I prefer listing royality free skits as I believe that if the Lord blesses you with talent you should share that talent as a ministrie to praise Him and not for personal gain. I would however like to know if you use any of my work and how it worked for you. Like I stated before, My prayer is that it is used to minister to others.

May God Bless You in your endeavours!


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Skits and Scripts:

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"Are YOU ready to Rumble?!"

I wrote this after my own recent life experience of losing my home to fire and other trials I went through after deciding to do more for God. Satan tried his best to take me down, but I have decided that the harder he hits, the harder I am going to fight back work for God. I have grown in faith and strength and the Lord has rewarded me and blessed us with a wonderful new home and has continued to meet our every need. I praise and Thanks him for that and give him all the Glory! I hope this will touch someone who is going through thier own struggles that the Lord is always by your side through everything and HE is in control ALL WAYS! Click here to read and print out my latest skit.

Passing Down Christmas Traditions

This play is a cute twist on telling the Christmas Story. A family decorates for Christmas while learning the meaning of Christmas Decorations. Also, while setting up thier mothers precious Nativity, the "Angel" gets broken, The young girl, thinking her mother wouldn't notice if she replaces the Angel with her "Barbie". As the Nativity comes alive, the charactors of the Nativity explain to "Barbie" what the "True" meaning of Christmas is all about.

Click here to read and print out my latest skit.

"What if Christ Had Come Down From the Cross?"

This skit was written for Easter. It tells of how Jesus had a CHOICE to be crucified and follow God's will instead of his own. Not many people realize he did have a CHOICE which makes his sacrafice for us even more special. I hope you enjoy the script!