Of all the poetic conceits contained in Arabic folklore and verse, there was no higher compliment of beauty that you could pay someone
(male, but especially female)    than to compare them to the moon at full.

The poet who wrote the "Aladdin" story wanted to convey that his princess was STAGGERINGLY beautiful.
So he named her:
"There stood before him the...damsels, each and every saying to the Full Moon, 'Rise, that I may seat myself in Thy stead!'"

The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night
(translated by Sir Richard F. Burton)

Lovely vintage Turkish postcards, courtesy of Yasmina at "Joy of Belly Dancing."
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The Society for Creative Anachronism

A Medieval and Renaissance reenactment group, now in its 34th year.  
(The local SCA chapter,  the
Barony of Settmour Swamp, meets the third Monday of every month.

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SCA Middle Eastern Culture discussion list on Yahoo!
The Pillaged Village Online Catalog

If you need dance-supplies in a big fat hurry, and have no local source, this catalogue features a wonderfully affordable Middle Eastern section.  (The company is Ohio-based, but they ship VERY quickly.)
Shira's Bellydance Webpage

Fat Chance Belly Dance
The West-Coast troupe who ignited the Americal Tribal Fusion craze.

"Whole Life Resources" by Carrie Konhya
From the Peoples of the World:
Arabic: سَلاَمٌلَكُمْ           Hebrew: מרלאמולש           Latin:  "Pax Vobiscum."            Gaelic:  "Go mbeidh síochán agaibh."            Swedish:  "Som Fadern har sänt mig."            Tagalog:  "Kapayapaan ang sumainyo."            Dutch:  "Vrede."            Mandarin:  愿 你 们 平 安            Polish:  "Pokój wam."            Euskara (Basque):  ?Agur eta bake on.?            Spanish/Portuguese:  "Paz a vosotros."            Turkish:  سَلاَمٌعَلَيْكُمْ           German:  "Friede euch."            Haitian Creole:  "Benediksyon Bondye sou nou tout."            Russian:  Мир баам.            Swahili:  "Salamu iwe juu yenu."            Gypsy:  ??ukaripe ćuće.?            Greek:  ειρήνηυμίν           French:  "La paix soit avec vous."            Korean:  너 희 에 게 평 강 이 있 을 지 어 다            Albanian:  "Paqja me ju."            Maori:   "Kia tau te rangimarie ki a koutou.?            Italian:  "Pace a voi."            Norwegian:  "Fred vćre med eder."           Japanese: 平安があなたがたにあるように            Romanian:   "Pace vouă."            Welsh:  ?Hedd i chwi.?            Mongolian:  Энх амгаланбайг.           Hungarian:   "Békesség néktek."            Guarani:   "Toiko py'aguapy tenondete."
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Another multilingual
"Prayer for Peace" here.
Mendhi (Henna) body-art from
Aziza Sa'id's
wonderful bellydance site.
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