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Funny Pic
Shari:Interesting choice of clothing.
Shari's Yami Shiri: Yeah, interesting...
Shari: What's that mean, Shiri?
Shiri:Oh, nothing.
Shari: Shiri..
Shiri: Okay, Yami's okay except the shoes. Yugi' all wrong.
Shari: His shoes are okay.
Shiri: i quess.
Yami appears.
Yami: Stop talking about my Aibou!
Yami and Shiri start fighting, Shari and Yugi sweatdrop.
Shari:Um, Yami. what do you think of this pic?
Ondrea:He's in a box...
Shari: So?
Ondrea: So it's strange.
Shari: It is?
Ondrea: It is.
Shari: I was going to do that to you.
Ondrea: * runs away*
Shari: Come back!
Suma: Hey Misha?
Misha: What?
Suma: Yami's gonna squint us out of exsistence.
Misha: What are you... * sees picture* Oh.
Suma *laughs* Yeah, I like it though.
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