Time passes quickly, in the blink of an eye...

So many things change...


In the two years since I began my last website, a lot has changed.  I have changed.  The old site, while still echoing much of who and what I am, is just that...old.  Rather than perform a huge revamping of the site, I have decided to create a new one, one which more closely echoes who I am now.  Hopefully, it will also be a site I will be able and motivated to update more regularly.

I'm still building.  Still forming, from the raw earth and tools I have, this new temple for my soul.  I hope, by entering, that you find as much about you as you do of me.


For the moment, I'll have the following four sections up and available for you to peruse at your leisure.  Please don't mind the cobwebs and creaky floors...atmosphere is everything, and atmosphere echoes the inner soul.


Canto IV...bio, pictures, etc)                   Crutches...friends, family, etc.

Into The Dream...hobbies, interests, etc.                     Before the Storm...links and sundry misc...


There'll be more to come, but for now, wander freely and enjoy.


Your Host, 


(a.k.a. Bill)  


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