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Welcome to my site. I have built this site and dedicated it to my passion the 1st
generation camaro's. They have been a love of my for many years and I wanted
to share that love with others like me. If you are visiting my site, then you must
be a lover of Camaro's as well. I hope you enjoy my site and I hope that you
come back often as I update my site from time to time and put new info and
photos on here. Please take a moment to sign my guest book so I know that you
were here and so I know what you thought of my site. Enjoy and Tell your
friends. Thanks.......... Mikki.
This is a beautiful 69 RS/SS
Coupe. It has a 350 ci engine
with 300 hp. The lucky owner
of this beauty is Steve McCorry
Very nice car Steve.
Check out this Awesome Car!
This 69 Coupe has a beefy 377
SB engine under the hood, and
thats not all I'm sure. This baby
goes by the name of "69beelow"
I bet this one hauls some A** !
What do you think boys?
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"Mens Only"
Page. There
You will find
Some sweet
Camaro's with
Some pretty
nice additions.
Enjoy Guys!
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Let me know what you think of 2 Fast 2 Furious... your comments about my site.. or Just say Hi to a Camaro Lover! I'd love to hear from you... Thanks.. Mikki.
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Due to spam I have had to remove all of my guest books from this site. If you like my site and want to let me know, please email me, I love to hear what you have to say. Thanks for visiting. Camaroluva.

Welcome.....This is a pretty "HOT" Z28......Awesome isn't she...... wanna see more..... Check out the rest of my pages.......And Men click on the Staging Tree Below to check out some "Very Hot Camaro's".......... Now go ahead and enjoy!
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