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I currently have two ferrets, Doodle and Holly. My previous ferrets, Rascal and Wuzzle died in 1992 and 1994, respectively. We have a wonderful vet, Dan Hudson, D.V.M., at Northwoods Animal Hospital in Cary, NC. Rascal and Wuzzle were among Dr. Hudson's first ferret patients back in 1987 and 1988. We also belong to the Triangle Ferret Lovers Club (TriFL).

What follows below is a brief description and some picture links for my ferrets. As I get some more time, I hope to add a little more detail to the biographies and scan some more pictures.

Rascal, a Sable, was my first ferret, who was born in the fall of 1986. I purchased him on November 15, 1986 and he died on June 15, 1992. His first surgery was for a huge furball that had formed inside his stomach. This was before I had heard about Laxatone. It was really hard on me when he died, since this was the first "intelligent" pet that I had pass away.

Wuzzle, a Cream/Butterscotch, was born late in 1987 and I purchased him on January 21, 1988. When my daughter was born in 1993, I was not sure how Wuzzle would do around her. He pretty much left her alone, but loved to play with her baby toys. Wuzzle died of Insulinoma on March 17, 1994, while my daughter was eleven months old. Wuzzle is buried in my backyard, along with Rascal.
Photo: [Rascal and Wuzzle (1/88)]

Doodle, a Silver Mitt, was born on July 4, 1998, hence the name, Doodle (short for Yankee Doodle). He was purchased on August 29, 1998 after my wife and I decided our children were old enough for us to have ferrets again. Doodle has to be the best jumping ferret that I have ever seen. He can easily jump over three feet from our sofa to the coffee table and can jump up onto high objects without too much work. He is mostly gentle and loves people. However, sometimes he likes to play a little too rough and could nip during playtime. He also likes to jump on my nightstand and turn on my clock radio. It's pretty weird going upstairs and hearing music playing in the background. If I ever get some spare time, I will scan an upload a photo of him "on the radio".
Photos: [1] [2] [3]
More photos coming soon!

Holly, a Sable, was born around October 15, 1998 and purchased on December 23, 1998. She was named Holly due to the Christmas season. Holly was sort of a Christmas present for Doodle, who really needed a playmate. Holly is pretty much past her nipping stage, but like Doodle, she will occassionally nip, especially strangers who come over—she will sneak up on them, grab their leg and give a nip as an "invitation" to play. She also loves to steal most of my childrens' toys and hide them inside our sofa. About once a month we empty out the sofa, so the children have toys to play with.
Photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
More photos (and a video) coming soon!

Doodle and Holly live in a spacious three story ferret condo in my living room. Both are litter trained, which makes things a lot easier on me.


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