The miniature pinscher origionated in Germany, during the early 18oo's, as the Reh Pinscher. Called a Reh pinscher due to the resemblance to the small red German "reh" or roe deer. Regardless to popular belief, min pins are not breed down doberman's. In fact, they are the older of these two breeds. Miniature pinschers are thought to decend from the german pinscher, italian greyhound, & dachshund.

The "reh" pinscher was first shown in Germany during 1876. They became an official breed during 1895. During these early shows, the largest concern was smallness. Judge's didn't take conformation & movement into consideration & the breed feel. During this time a dog could win a show based only on his size & his head.

The origional coat colors accepted to the shown ring in Germany were Blk/Rst, Chlt/Rst, red (acceptible, but least liked), & harliquin.

Josef Berta has been credited by some for saving the breed. He required handlers to put dogs on the ground & gait them. If they didn't have correct conformation & movement, they did not win.

The breed feel again during World War I. Thanks to the kennel club & Berta, the breed was restored once again, by 1924.

During World War II, the breed fell a third time. The kennel club refused to register dogs that did not adhere to the standard for the breed. Min pins had risen once again, by 1947.

Miniature Pinschers were first imported to America as early as 19oo. They were origionally called Pinscher (miniature) by the American Kennel Club. The first min pin was registered by the AKC in 1924. The AKC recognized the Miniature Pinscher Club of America in 1929. During this same year min pins were classified as terriers. After reconsidering this classification min pins become a toy breed in 1930. In 1972, the AKC officially changed the breed name from Pinscher (miniature) to Miniature Pinscher.


List of Min Pin Colors

Miniature Pinscher Club of America

AKC Miniature Pinscher Standard

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