Agreement Of Sale

Section A. - Buyer Indenification




DL #:
SS #:

Section B. - Dog Indentification

Sex: M F
Reg. Name:
Reg. #:
Chip #:
Reg. #:
Reg. #:

Section C. - Terms of Sale

1. Breeder/Seller is trasferring this dog as:
Show Potential
Breeding Quality
Pet Quality
(Initials of seller will show intention)

2. It is understood that there will be no refund on deposits unless
breeder/seller is unable to deliver puppy live & healthy.

3. One forth of the sales price is to be forfeited if the dog is returned for
any reason other than failure to pass veterinarian examination. If this dog does not
have your veterinarian's approval, return to breeder/seller's premises within
72 hours of taking possesion of the dog.

4. Breeder/seller will be notified if it is necessary for this dog to change
hands & right of first refusal will be given to breeder/seller. Amount of
refund, if any, will depend upon the dogs condition & will not excede 3/4 of
origional purchase price. All shipping will be at buyer's expense.

5. Buyer agrees to: Annual veterinary checkups, including heartworm test; to
keep all immunizations current according to AVMA guidelines; to properly
administer heartworm prevention year round (Interceptor is reccomended); to
provide adequate housing according to state law; to confine dog to a fenced
yard or kennel run or walk on a leash, but not to restrain on a rope or chain.

6. If this dog was sold as breeding quality & is proven, by veterinary
examination, to be infertal by 24 months of age, it will be replaced by a dog
of equal value from the next avalible litter. Dog must be altered & returned to
breeder/seller with AKC papers & letter from attending veterinarian stating
that dog was found infertal & has been altered. If male, same applies, if both
testicals have not dropped by 12 months of age.

7. If dog was sold as breeding quality it is agreed that s/he will not be bred
prior to 24 months of age. If male, breeder/seller retains right to stud service
to any bitch owned wholey or in part by breeder/seller, which the
breeder/seller wishes to breed to the dog. If female, it is agreed that any
puppies produced from her found to be of pet quality will be sold on limited
AKC registration & a spay/neuter contract.

8. If this dog was sold as show quality & proves not to be, in the show ring,
by the age of 24 months, it will be replaced by a dog of equal value from the
next avalible litter, if the dog is returned to beeder/seller with
AKC papers.

9. If this dog was sold as show quality it is agreed that the dog will not be
bred prior to 24 months of age or until s/he has acheived a champion of record.
The same terms apply as stated in Section C. - Number 7.

10. If this dog was sold as pet quality it is agreed that the dog will be sold
on AKC limited registration & that s/he must be altered between 4 & 8 months of
age. AKC registration application will be withheld until breeder/seller
receives a statement verifying the alteration from the veterinarian preforming
the surgery. Please mark these dates: Alter
between _______ & _______ .

11. The dog will be microchipped prior to leaving breeder/seller's premises.
Breeder/seller must remain alternate contact on microchip registration.
Tatooing on the inner thigh is also recommended, as it is a visable ID, which
cannot be removed.

12. To the best of my knowledge, this dog is in good healthy condition with the
following exceptions:

13. No other warranties or guarantees, expressed or implied, are made under
this contract except as stated as follows:

14. Breeder/seller & buyer agree by signing this agreement of sale that this
dog is not sold for resale purposes.

15. If any area of this contract is breached, buyer must return dog to
breeder/seller with AKC registration papers. Buyer will be responsible for
all attorny fees, court costs, & shipping charges related to breeder/seller
reclaiming this dog. It is also understood that any litigation regarding this
sale shall be brought about in the county & state in which the sale origionated.





Breeder/seller recommends: feeding purina ONE puppy chow until 1 year of age & purina ONE dog chow, thereafter.

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