Kevin's 1994 Corvette - Sold

This is my latest acquisition, a 1994 Black on Black Corvette.  It's equipped with a stock LT1/6 speed combination.  Of course I HAD to bring it to the dragstrip shortly after buying it.  It ran a 13.64 @ 102.1, quickly followed by a 13.62 @ 101.9.  The 60' was 2.24 on the first run and a 2.14 on the second.  I think that with a little practice, I could shave another tenth off that, without any mods.  Gas mileage is very good, 30 mpg is attainable on the highway, although 23-25 is common for mixed City/Highway driving.  I plan on leaving it stock, but I probably won't be able to restrain myself (devilish grin).  Hmmm, probably wouldn't take too much to put it in the high 12s....

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