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Hello everyone!  Welcome to my home on the web! My name is Baby Glory.  I'm glad you stopped by.  Please feel free to look around, and visit my friends! 
I ask that you please do not take any pictures off of this site except from the free pictures page unless you e-mail me and ask permission.  Thanks!
Moondancer's Free Picture Page
Gusty's S.O.H.F.  Campaign
Gingerbread's Recipie Page
I enjoy painting, chasing butterflies in the valley, and especially playing with my friends Baby Moondancer, Baby Gusty, Baby Firefly, and Baby Surprise!
My very best friend is Baby Moondancer, but I have alot of friends in dream valley!  Go and see them in the Free Pictures page!
Come to Sugarberry's Pony Ambassador's Page and visit my herd! There you can meet the other ponys I live with, and maybe even find one to take home with you. Or if you have ponys looking for a new home, we would love to meet some new friends!
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Our real-life equine friends are under attack!
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