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    My name is Dirk Meintjies. I live in Durban, South Africa. Where the sun always shines. 
    I work for DigiCore Technology (formerly Kivtronics), a company specializing in on-board computers for vehicles that monitors vehicle activity. I do hardware design, write software for the uControllers I use in my designs and write PC software to support the products. 

    In my private time I do things like writing AVRide. I also wrote the 8051 assembler and related utilities that are available for free on this site. On PC's I program mainly in C++, although AVRide is written with Delphi 1. I am currently working on a 32-bit version of AVRide that will include a C compiler as well. 

    Anyway, enough about me. Go back to the main page now and download AVRide so you can get some work done. 

    This is I...


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