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Well this is me..Joanne and my two little angels **wink wink**... I'm proud to be an Aussie and on Australia Day January 26th 2002 I married my Canadian sweetie "Whisper" and moved from Tamworth Nsw to Canada with my 2 angels in tow. Life in British Columbia Canada is certainly different. I miss my Vegemite and Milo most of all I think. My mum posts me up an "Aussie care package" every so often so I can get my fix of all the great foods we have in Australia. My favourite pastime is scuba diving and since moving I haven't been able to do much of that. I can't wait to get my sweetie down to Australia and show him what a beautiful place it really is, and hopefully do some scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef.

David was born on August 24th 1997 and is a typical rugrat believe me into everything he shouldn't

Melissa was born on December 29th 1991 and dotes on her brother, well...sometimes.. :o)

Guess which one keeps their room the tidiest though!

I love them both dearly.

Serenity ,Happiness and Contentment are my next goals in life......

Any Suggestions..???


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