Pagan Crafts
Bath Salts
Fizzing Bath Salts
1/3 c. baking soda
1/4 c. citric acid crystals or powder
1 T. cornstarch

Mix together all the ingredients and place in a clean, container with tight fitting lid. Keep salts dry, moisture will cause them to react and fizz. Sprinkle about 1/4 cup of the salts into warm tub of water. Yield: enough for 2 baths.
Protection Bath Salt
3 parts Rosemary
2 parts Frankincense
1 part Lavender
Color: White (don't use any color in the salts)
Bathe in this mixture daily to strengthen your psychic armor and to stave off all manner of attacks - physical, mental, spiritual, psychic and emotional
Healing Bath Salt
3 parts Rosemary
2 parts Lavender
2 parts Rose
1 part Peppermint
1 part Cinnamon

To be used, of course, in conjunction with conventional medical attention. This bath speeds the healing process. To help shake off a cold, add two parts Eucalyptus to this formula. Avoid bathing if your doctor so
informs you
Psychic Bath Salt
3 parts Lemongrass
2 parts Thyme
2 parts Orange Peel
1 part Clove
1 part Cinnamon

Use before working with your psychic awareness. Or, repeat this bath daily to become increasingly aware of psychic impulses. Visualize
Circle Bath Salt
3 parts Rosemary
2 parts Myrrh
2 parts Sandalwood
1 part Frankincense
Colour: Purple

Bath in Circle Bath Salts before any form of magical working to strengthen, purify and prepare yourself for ritual.
High Awareness Salt
3 parts Cedarwood
2 parts Sandalwood
1 part Frankincense
Color: Purple

Bathe in this mixture to direct your consciousness toward higher things, to promote spirituality and to combat Earth-obsessions such as uncontrolled spending, overeating, sluggishness and all forms of unbalanced materialism.
Hair Care
Normal Hair Conditioner

2 oz. Liquid lecithin
2 oz. Almond oil
2 t. Jojoba oil
1/4 oz. Cocoa butter

Blend these together in a double boiler then cool.
1 T. Balm base
1 T. Almond oil
2 t. Peach kernal oil
3 drops Carrot oil
2 drops Rose geranium oil

Combine first three ingredients in double boiler until blended well. then add remaining ingredients. Massage into washed hair and scalp and let set at least ten minutes. You may also wrap head in plastic and cover this with a hot towel. When desired rinse thoroughly in warm water and then again with a cold rinse to encourage sheen.
Dry Hair Conditioner
1 t. Balm base (*see above recipe)
1 t. Sesame oil
1 T. Almond oil
1 1 T. Peach Kernal oil
2 drops Avocado oil
2 drops Evening primrose oil
2 drops Carrot oil
4 drops Parsley oil
3 drops Rose geranium oil

Combine in a double boiler until melted and well blended. Apply to hair while the treatment is still very warm but not hot and allow to set at least ten mintues. You may wrap the head in plastic and top with a hot wet towel through the duration of the treatment if desired. It does improve this treatments efficiency. Rinse and shampoo thoroughly. Using clear, cold water for one final rinse thereafter.
Greasy Hair Conditioner
1 T. Balm base
1 t. Sunflower oil
1 T. Green clay
1 t. Vodka

Combine all of the above in a bowl until thoroughly mixed. Then add:

3 drops Rosemarie oil
3 drops Lavender oil
2 drops Yarrow oil

Blend thoroughly and add muck to hair. Let set ten minutes and then shampoo.
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