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Hi! Welcome to our homepage. I won't be updating this particular page anymore, so go here to see a more current version of this page...it's basically the same thing as what you see here.
I have finally been able to figure out what's wrong with the guestbook and it is now fixed..so get signing! ;-)

All of our pages are linked on the bottom of the page, so you can't get lost! There are many different pages here, so I will tell you a little about each of them so you can decide where to go next...
Alot of the pages have gotten a new look, so don't forget to look around, even if you've been here before!

The adoption page:

This is my page dealing with adoption and my search for my birthparents.


This is my page about my reunion with my birthfamily....finally!!

Aron's page:

Pretty self-explanitory....It's all about 5 year old Aron!

Aron's Birthday Page:

All about Aron's Second Birthday.

Eric's Page:

All about Eric, who is now 4 Years old.

Eric's Birthday Page:

Eric's First Birthday Party!

Racheal's Page:

All about Racheal, who is 21 months!

Canadian Baby Photographers:

The boy's pictures taken by CBP.

Wedding Page:

Pictures of our wedding and a little about the ceremony.

Little Angels Pages:

There are two so far. The angels I have adopted are on these pages, as well as links to sites for missing and abused children.

My Page:

All about wonderful me! It's an eccentric collection of a little bit of everything.

Joe's Page:

All about Joe! I did this page, so I might not be completely objective...It's the best way I can describe him!

Pets Page:

This is where I show off my cats. I don't have pictures of the dog up yet...I'm a real cat person, so I don't know if I ever will!

Web Pets:

This is where I keep my various adoptions from all over the web. There is quite an assortment here!


This is the newest addition to my page. I have been playing with Paint Shop Pro and this is what I came up with. I noticed a great lack of background sets for men when I was looking for graphics for Joe's page. So this is my contribution! Take a look...

So take a look around, and let me know what you think!

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In my search for graphics to put on my pages, I have become aware of a few problems that graphic artists on the web have. There are many people who generously allow the use of their graphics on homepages such as this, asking only that you link back to their site. I urge you to visit the sites below, and become aware of some of the problems they face.

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11th Commandment
I adopted this angel for a very special (but private) reason. I have never had an abortion, I don't really know what side of the argument I am on.... I just felt compelled to adopt this angel for a baby that is now in heaven.

Life ~ What a
Beautiful Choice!

Sweet Angel

Adopted: May 18,2000

Stop Abortion ~Not A Beating Heart!


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