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Welcome to 1 Peter 3:15 Ministries.  This is an Apologetics Ministry that is designed to defend Historic Christianity.  Do you have questions concerning the reliability of the Bible, the veracity of Christianity and the claims of Jesus Christ?  If so please explore this site.  This site is best viewed using Internet Explorer. May God Bless your visit.   Last updated 8/27/07
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Justification by Faith alone.  Video clip
Two views of salvation.  Which one is yours?????
Fast facts for the people who ring your doorbell.

Click the above link to view a PowerPoint presentation. Once it's opened just keep clicking.   Also check out the quiz on
Roman Catholic/Protestant differences
How Biblical is the music you sing in church?
All religions are not ultimately saying the same thing.
How can a God of Truth be behind all these religions?

Moses: One personal God. The universe is not eternal, but was created by God (Gen. 1-3; Deut. 6:4; etc.).
Krishna: Mix of polytheism and impersonal pantheism. The universe is eternal.
Zoroaster: One good god and one evil god (religious dualism).
Buddha: God not relevant; essentially agnostic.
Confucius: Polytheistic.
Muhammad: One personal God who cannot have a Son.
Jesus Christ: One personal God who does have a Son (Mark 12:29; John 4:24; 5:18-19; etc.).
Baha'u'llah: God and the universe, which is an emanation of God, are co-eternal.
New Age: The above are all wrong for excluding each other, but at the same time
are equally valid ways to God. 

Chart comes from CRI article on Bahaism Francis Beckwith

Did The Father LITERALLY forsake the Son on the Cross?

Read the letter that made me Reformed.
According to the Law of Non-Contradiction, they all can not be true at the same time and lead to the same place.  If nothing is false, then it would also be true to say everything is false.  It is  logically possible they can all be wrong.  To deny the Law of Non-Contradiction is to affirm it. 
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