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The gorgeous Valley of Immortals lies deep within the realms of the worlds. Founded by Nialo Ambrose Akvan.  It is a hidden sanctuary for local animals and immortal beings alike who share the land in great peace and serenity.  A glimmering lake echoes its iridescent colors off of the near rocks while the sun beats down on the valley with its warming splendor.  Caves and springs are abundant in the walls of the Valley of Immortals, making it an ideal place to live and grow.  The green grass, trees and shrubbery, is forever lush, never does the harsh winters ever touch this magical place, guarded by ancient relics of old.  Streams never cease to trickle, while creatures never cease to nourish from this vast land, belonging to the soulmates.

Here you will find everything you need to know about the Valley.  Below you will finds links that will outline the families who first discovered the majestic places as well as some of the people who have taken refuge here within each section of this vast valley.

SPECIES CATEGORIES - all the beings in the Valley
Sections of the Valley
This contains each section of the Valley and inside each link hides the people, the supernatural beings and the animals
A few of the homes which belong to the Akvan family are listed below.  Some of them are beautiful while others deadly.
The Akvan Residence
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