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Welcome to the site of Spazz3d lessons. Please remember this is a work in progress and we are trying to get these lessons to you as quickly as possible.

Angel is a Lady

You will need either Spazz3d or Anfy3d INSTALLED to take this class. Anfy3d is a free program but can not be used to make the WRL's needed for items uploaded to CT. Spazz has a 30 day free trial and will give a discount if you have a job in Cybertown.

Download Spazz3d
Download Anfy3d

Each lesson will cover a general theme, we are hoping that when taken in order you will have a basic understanding of how to make objects and what will be required to upload them.

Or you may have a general understanding of the basics and just need help in certain areas, the lessons will be stand alone, so that you can choose what you need to learn next. Each new lesson means new fun ideas and shapes, so the more you learn the better your objects will be. And as with any new knowledge practice makes perfect, so feel free to try out your new techniques on other objects.

Lesson #1 Begining Spazz3D

The Bed: We will learn how to make a simple bed, using colors, simple textures, and shapes (nodes). How to position, stretch, rotate, group, save, and make WRL of the item to make it ready for Cybertown.

Lesson #1a How to make a thumbnail

Lesson #2 Animations

Movement: We will learn how to rotate, translate and scale animations, both with simple nodes, and groups. (Lesson 1 should be completed before going through Lesson 2-?, although not necessary, it will allow you to understand some of the terms I use. Lesson 1 will also have many examples of how the buttons you are using should look. If you are not new to Spazz3d, simply reading Lesson 1 should suffice.)

Lesson #3 Textures and Revolutions

This lesson will be 2 parts, first working with and manipulating textures, the second will be revolutions and how to make them.

Lesson #4 Lesson Extrusions.

The swept extrusion will be used and extrusions and swept extrusions explained. Lesson 3's reveloutions section should be completed first.

Lesson #5 Boleans.

The bolean cutting and merging tool will be used and explained.

Lesson #6 Copying and Referencing.

Copying and Referencing will be explained and when is the best time to reference.

Lesson #7 Deformed Nurbs.

Making it bend, twist, warp and jiggle with a Deformed Nurb.

Lesson #8 Exploded Faces.

Turn a plain box into a mulitcolored toy box, using different colors or textures for each side.
Lesson #9 Using Gifs.
Learn to make rain fall, snow fall, fireworks fire, water move. Or use moving pictures in your object. Also how to use transparent gifs such as tree.gifs on a cube that doesn't show.
*Also check out the Lesson 9 for FREE Gifs
Animated and transparent for you to use.

NEW JPG textures

Lesson #10 Making a Ride.

Learn to make a ride that moves your avatar with it. Also how to BIND and UNBIND for uploading to 3D chat worlds.


Lesson #11 Making a sword.

Lessons 12-? still being written. Please check back as our lessons and site grows.

We have tried to make these lessons for Anfy3d and both the older and newer version of Spazz3d if there is any errors please contact us.



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