Ang Can Fly
I can fly, not because I have wings or feathers, not because I own a plane or a helicopter.  I can fly because God loves me and gives me strength to fly as high as my dreams will take me.

I am sick.  I have an illness called Borderline Personality Disorder.  This is a neurological disorder affecting the area of the brain that regulates emotion.  My symptoms are depression, a feeling of emptiness, low self-worth, rocky relationships, intense fear of abandonment, impulsivity, alcoholism, compulsive spending, lack of identity, a victim of childhood abuse, a desire to harm or kill myself.  Fortunately, BPD can be treated with medication and therapy. 

I have included links to information and support groups for BPD and depression.  If you are suffering from either of these illnesses, you are not alone.  Please visit these sites.  Meet and talk to people who are thinking and feeling the same things you are.  The only reasons I'm alive today is because of my husband, and someone who used to be a friend, and Walkers.  This friend introduced me to and it saved my life.  My new favorite place to go for BPD support is the  Borderline Sanctuary. These online groups can help you.  If you think you know someone who is suffering from either of these illnesses, help them and yourself by also visiting these links and getting as much information as possible.  If you are thinking about suicide or hurting yourself.  Please go to this page now. Most people who have Borderline Personality Disorder also have a diagnosis of something else.  It could be Anxiety/Panic Disorder, Bi-Polar Disorder, Major Depression, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Disassociative Identity Disorder.  There are many other diagnoses as well.  The Walkers site and the Mental Health Sanctuary have information on all of these illnesses.  The MHS also has support groups for friends and families of people with these illnesses.

There is so much stigma involved in mental illness.  Had I not put this site out here, you would have never known that I suffer from a mental illness.  Mental illness is just like Diabetes in a sense that it is no one's fault.  Diabetes doesn't make someone a bad person and neither does a mental illness.  We are good people who are sick and many of us are seeking help.

Enjoy the site and I will be adding more information as I find it.

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