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 Alienna's AlexandriaCastle a.k.a Alexandros 

This site was visited by  users, since 29/12/2000 

*Updated 30/08/2004* Definitely in need of an idea...





    Oh dear.... what can I do on this site... It seems that A LOT of my plans will not be coming to effect. I'll see what I can do...


   A little layout update...... sorry for the inconveniences..... Well, for now, I didn't put anything new..... ummm and I think if I could manage.... I'll upload my FF mp3s on my steamload account, and if you guys want it e mail me.... I think it's easier that way...... But right now, I only had my Two Mix songs put up.....   


   Minna-saaaan....!!! I'm afraid to tell all of you that this site will be on hiatus for a very long time.... and so is my other page.... This is because I have to focus myself on my studies... Gomen Nasai!!!


    Hello...? Gomen ne... minna! I had been soo disorganized... with taking the results, appling for university and all sorts... Right now I could only update as far lot as I can...


     Wei..... Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!! Ok, for this edition, I've put in new lyrics... from FFX. Umm... Since now I'm playing FFVII, I hadn't yet update the Stories section... Maybe later... anyway... you can play them yourselves right? And anyway, any suggestion on the Cloud/Zidane skin... ?  Umm, I've added some new items... like Materia Girl song (on which I still don't know wher it's mainpage are...) , link to my blog... err... not much eh.. well, I'm working on it...


     Ahhhh, help needed....(read the scroll) and anyway.... I think officially I would include FFVII in this small page, and perhaps a little bit of FFX. Just that. I won't include other...(Thank heavens!!) And so I need your support.... Please fill in my could help boost my spirits... Don't worry, I won't bite... I just tired in spirit, I guess... And anyway, if you have time.... visit my other 'palace' 


    Actually, to tell ya the truth.... I kinda tighten up over here... Hey... anyone out there..... can anyone help me with my Final Fantasies fic? 10Q. Gosh, I'm soooooo much of a reader.... u know... I had read too much of Tolkiens, Harry Potter, Anime, ....ect. books to last me a lifetime that I sort of become quite Middle-Age, anime-kind of... girl, with the love of magical and the supernatural... hah? I didn't tell ya? I was once an X-Phile... and still is.... 
    Hah.... and updating is hard.... I still got... about 6 unfinished tales...(NOT the Tolkien kind) and 50 unfinished projects....(THAT includes the winamp skins...the pics...medias...the whole 'cabboozle'... (don't ask me whats that mean, I don't know..) And well, bye...


    Now I guess i had to inform you on my updates... well all of you already know that I had two websites to manage. well, other than that, I have other task as editting the pages... fanfics...(there's the Harry Potter info/fanfic, detective conan, chinese fic, final fantasy fic) and well since im playing FFVIII I'll continue with that & postpone FFIX... winamp skin... (all lot of coming projects, but I decided to research a lot) the music section ...(which I still can't find a suitable/permanent place to put em....) (this aspect concern BOTH my pages....) and I still had a life to live ya know. Alas I can't do it (the fanfic) quicker cos I only got one hand... (my lefty is kinda lame cos of an accident... 3 years ago) so... I'll do what I can....


     I think it's time... arimasen.... sorry to put the updates late ... Sorry......


    Though by the time all of you read this, I probably already back online. But, I still wrote this to report the additions I have done while I'm offline. For starters, I gladly inform you that I had joined Hogwarts (so to speak, literally, on it's official page) And now happily, I would like to give some warning to anyone who dared again to criticize my page without suitable reason, i.e. badmouthing in my guessbook, that next time anyone did that, I will send a 'howler' mail specially delivered by owl post, to the person concerned. Thank you.


     Selamat Hari Raya!!!!!! Still offline, but dad promised to get us connected again. Our old line seemed to disconnect, due to us moving from Kuantan to Selangor.  


      My SPM's over, I guess... actually I had been updating on last November, but I forget to save this page... and so it seemed that I didn't. I want to take this chance to announce that I will put in FFVIII items. For a start, the fic-novel of it, (mind you, I will not tell you how to play.... this is not a walkthrough, well technically) FFVIII skins, pics, on. So, again new ideas are much welcomed. 17/9/2001    Well, update...... 
  Guess my last entry a bit over the top...So, who told him to left such comments? This time, not much to put up, with CHV down, my moving the medias to somewhere else and school.... Right now, just accept what there is...... hey, i decided to put in some bit of FF8.... what d' ya think? Booyaka!!!!


     Hi, I'm back again! Well, it's hard to juggle school activity esp on Electric & Electronics Engineering, managing TWO ENTIRELY DIFFERENT pages, find new ideas, items of interest, creating and editing...ect. AND STILL manage to live! THAT IS ALL HARD WORK! Well, sorry for the grumpy mood because as soon as I was able to get online, somebody sign in the GBook and said my page sucks just coz' it has no fussy BGs and easy to LOAD? Excuse me! Well to that person and maybe more of you out there, please DON'T COMPLAIN TOO MUCH when you came to my page! That is as well as in other webbies pages, regardless of interest. I spoke on behalf of other webbies like me. Do you think it's real easy for ALL of 'us' do self HTML-coding? Eat YOUR OWN tongue! IF we want to improvise our page, IT IS UP TO US NOT YOURS! 
    Huh, with that thought out of me, I could get on with the project. If anyone want to scold 'that' person for this predicament be my guest.Well, I would be updating as far much as I can do, since with school and all... I'll do my best.... at least for my two pages.... Thanx Garnet til Alexandros 18th for the gizmoz (but where did I put that script?)...


    Finally another update! I've been alternating the update of both my sites. So far so good... Well, I've listed my self in two webrings...Maybe I'll put in more items if there a lot of people came in here...I'll do my best right now to fix the bugz on this page... 


      Well, a long time since I last updated. Right now, no new item was available. I guess I had to find time to put it up. Still, I'm gladly announce that my creations was noted for its beauty. I contributed my FFIX skins to FFIX HQ and they said its gorgeous! Thank them for the compliments... 


      Another update huh. It's hard to keep up with school. Well, my pics, should take a while before I put it up. But then, I had added other things.. see it!


      Finally, holiday came at last.... I've made some fanpics, of Zidane and Eiko. Eiko's done and I'll put it on the archive. (Sigh) Seems like no visit since my last update. I wonder... do anyone ever come to visit? Please leave your mark at the Gbook, it'll certainly could boost my will to manage these sites... I went to FFIX HQ. Seems that there were winamp skins there, though it were very 'ordinary' (just my op) since they just leave it unedit. So, if only people ever come to my realm, at least spread some words of this place and give chance for fans out there to see some good art. Not just some bad piece of art. I understood it's hard to do these things, but make it a good one. The people were expecting for better things, even I. But then no hard feelings...I just wanna share my things....if it's cool.... 


     First BIG update. I hope you guys don't get mad, since I've been away from my computer and the internet for a few weeks. We're celebrating Hari Raya! Aaah, the new layout...guess I had to do it. So that it would really looked like a real website. Well, to tell you the truth, the previous page was taken from my other page in Geocities... Azuani's Place. Gee, I do hope someone would really visit that page and this... I had put a lot of interesting stuffs in these websites... at least...I thought. Heck, I don't know how to promote A's P. as that page had various themes. It had music (I didn't usually update that, it's so hard to get good music nowadays), winamp skins, anime, chinese dramas, pokemon ect.. So you see, I guess it's hard to categories that page if I wanted to list it in any webring or server. Sooo, if you done visiting here, feel free to visit A's P. Heheh, can't help myself to promoting my sites. Well, I had to do something right? It was a matter of life and death for my site! 
    Now, back to Alexandros. The whole new layout will be on, if I can do it in time. As starting 2001, I'll be stuck in the school hostel, with no chance to get to my computer at home. But then, if I had a chance, I'd still update. I would appreciate if anyone wants to send in suggestions in improving the site or contributions(no ugly, unhelpful critics), well, if anyone had something interesting like fanfics/pics, Midis, FFIX skins (any skins, winamp, ICQ, anything ;p). Feel free to send it in, if you guys doesn't have a website or doesn't know where to put it. I'd liked to know how many really visit this page, so please... sign the Gbook. Gee, I hope I didn't sound desperate, heheheh. Well, that's a wrap! Happy surfin' and love ya ol' very dearly, for daring to step in my domain... Let your fantasy guide you... the spirit within....;p

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