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Kim Kellogg started Horse Springs Kiger Ranch after her love of all things horse narrowed down to Kiger Mustangs. If you ask Kim, she will tell you that Kigers are the best horses in the world, smart, strong, sound, curious, friendly, protective and kind, not to mention drop dead gorgeous. Kigers have the presence of the Andalusian with the toughness of, well; nothing is tougher than a mustang.
At Horse Springs Kiger Ranch experienced natural horsemanship is used to gently bring babies along. Other horse trainers have commented at just how well behaved and friendly the Horse Springs Kiger Ranch horses are. (Including the stallions and foals.) Kim thinks a lot of this is due to the basic nature of her horses, and the stallions in particular.
Kim extends a warm welcome to anybody who like to tour her ranch in Auburn, Washington and find about more about this rare and amazing breed. (Please email her first.) Or feel free just to send her email, because she always enjoys a chance to talk to a fellow (or potential) Kiger lover.

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Deuce, Savannah, Eclipse, Draco Spring 2003

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