Rearend Restoration
Front Brakes
New Frontend
New Rearend
Here is a shot of the driveshaft after I began grinding off the rust.  It's amazing what a few hours of buffing can do.
Here's the tail end of the driveshaft.  You can see the original white stripe under all that rust.  There's also a yellow one near the center of the shaft.
Here's what the rearend looked like.  Hmmm, do you think I had any oil spills in my garage?  Here's a tip:  If you pull out the axles, cover the ends with Ziplock bags, so when it tips over on the floor jack, the oil will run into the baggies.  It worked for me.
This is what the massive 9" gearset looks like.  This brute is heavy.  My guess is close to 100 lbs. just for the chunk.  If you remove it, be sure and get a new set of copper gaskets for the nuts.  I bought mine at the local Ford dealer.
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