New Frontend
Front Brakes
New Rearend
Well, after almost 7 months of hard work you can see that it was all worth it.  Compare this shot to the original.  Incredible!!  Note the new upper ball joints are bolted into the original upper arms.  I tried to paint them to match the original scheme.
This is the right side after successful restoration.  You'll notice that I tried to duplicate as much of the factory paint dawbs and grease pencil markings.
Here's a shot of the original Kelsey Hayes caliper that Stainless Steel Brakes Corp. rebuilt for me.  They did an excellent job.  Better than new.
I tried to use as much of the original suspension as possible.  I did decide to change a few items like changing to 600# 1" drop springs.  What a difference.  The new ride is excellent!
Here's a shot of the new lower arms and the 1" anti-sway bar.  I used all rubber suspension bushings, except on the sway bar and the rear shackle bushings where I opted for polyurethane.
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