1965 K-Code Mustang
This is my ride, a Poppy Red 1965 Mustang Fastback.  She is equipped with the ground pounding 289 high performance engine.  There are no GT badges or fog lights on this machine as it was built in the fall of '64 before the popular GT package was available.  It has a standard black interior with factory disc brakes, tinted glass and dual mirrors.  It has the standard K-code goodies as well including 4-spd close ratio toploader tranny, 9" rearend and the special handling package.  In 2000, a seven month restoration of the entire undercarriage was done.  In April of 2004 I drove her to Nashville on a wing and a prayer, with an engine that was in serious need of a rebuild.  She burnt a quart of oil at every fuel stop, but made it back safe and sound.  A week later, the engine came out.  For the last three months I've been busy working on the engine bay and rebuilding the motor.  Check back soon for updates.  
Front Brakes
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New Frontend
These next three shots were taken in 1964, when my car was brand new.  I've had the pleasure of meeting the original owner and he gave me these pictures.

His father was a sales associate at the local Ford dealership and special ordered the high performance fastback when they were first available.  It was supposed to be delivered with the styled steel wheels, but arrived sporting the familiar hubcaps.  Immediatly another Mustang was ordered with styled steels and when it arrived all 5 were swapped over to this car.
This picture was taken shortly after installation of the correct wheels.  As you can see the early wheels were argent in color instead of the familiar charcoal gray.  Now they are semi-retired and occupy a little space in my garage.
Here's a front shot displaying 1964 Texas plates.  You can see that it had the optional dual mirrors also.
New Rearend
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