Factory Disc Brakes
New Frontend
New Rearend
In this shot you get an idea of what an original 35 year old suspension looks like.  Notice the bent backing plate as well as the worn out rubber bushings and tie rod ends.     
Can you believe these brakes actually worked?  The calipers have been rebuilt by Stainless Steel Brakes Corp. and now better than new.
After months of work refinishing the rusty parts, I finally began the reassembly.  I decided to change to a 1" anti-sway bar and to use urethane bushings with it.  Just outside the garage you can see my faithful helper Raley as she prepares for another toss of the frisbee.
Here's a shot of the restored front suspension minus the brake calipers and rotors.  I decided to use rubber bushings on the front to complement the urethane anti-sway bar bushings to prevent a really harsh ride.  I am extremely pleased with how it now performs. Every thing on the suspension is either new or refinished.  I reused my upper a-arms, rebuilding the shafts and replacing the ball joints.  The lower arms are quailty MOOG units.  Although it's not entirely Concourse, I did redo the paint daubs and factory markings that I discovered. 
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