T45064506-T Verification Specialists
Credit Data Corp
Credit Data Corp offers 4506-T tax return verification services and an array of fraud prevention products for both the mortgage and quality control industries. Credit Data Corp�s direct connection to BOTH the IRS and Social Security Administration, which equates to quicker turnaround times, wholesale pricing and accurate results the first time!�

�With the ability to request an array of form types, including 1040, 1099, W2, 1065, etc., with up to 4 years of results available straight from the IRS, Credit Data Corp ensures that customers have what they need in the time frame they need it! Credit Data Corp has became a leader in the industry by offering ROA (Record of Account) requests at NO extra cost!�

�If you have any questions or would like a price quote, please contact one of Credit Data Corp�s experienced customer service agents at 866-318-6304 and they will be more than happy to help!

Credit Data Corp offers the BEST pricing in the industry with prices as low as $10 for a 2 year TRV request, Call now for details, 866-318-6304.

Form 4506T requests take anywhere from 6-60 days if filed yourself directly with the IRS.

We are able to get over 92% of our 4506T verifications back in 24 hours or less, sometimes even same day!

Credit Data Corp offers a broad range of tax verification services including 1040, W2, 1065, 1120 and TFV (tax filing verification; no income data) with up to 4 years of returns. Please contact Credit Data Corp at 866-318-6304 with any further questions you may have.

Ready to Get Started? Fill out the form below and fax it to Credit Data Corp at 866-318-6305. Once received a Credit Data Corp agent will contact you to provide you with your log in information.

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