Tram of the Month January 2005 - Trawler 633

633 at Cabin July 2004

From 1937 - 1998 Brush Car 633 (earlier 296) was just an ordinary Brush Car. It operated the North Station route till 1963 then after this became a seasonal car, brought out of Winter Storage at Easter and running till the end of the Illuminations. This happened until 1998 when the car was in for minor repairs when it was discovered that it was in a terrible state bodily. the car was stripped to its frame and stored. At first, they thought it would be scrapped but instead it was rebuilt. Around the same time the illuminated fleet was being withdrawn due to old age, so it was decided to turn the tram into an illuminated trawler.

The new 633 was built as a trawler with a bow end. The Interior is the same as 626, 630 and 631 and has heating with seats facing one way, it also retains its original motors and English Electric Z6 Controllers. From the photo you can see how stunning the tram is. The only downside is that that when the tram is facing the number 2 end then all the passengers are facing backwards and the tram is stuck on a loop to loop journeys. The car can run all year round and seats 48 people.

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