Blackpool Jubilee Cars

In the late 70's following the conversion of 13 railcoaches to one man operation, attention turned to the balloon fleet as a high capacity one person operated double decker was required. At this time, there was 2 balloons withdrawn and stored in Blundell Street Depot. Balloons 714 and 725 had been withdrawn in 1971 in need of major overhauls. Both trams still had their original interiors and were in a poor condition.

The first of these balloons (725) was stripped down to a shell and had its unique streamlined ends removed. The car had its underframe and body extended, new front entrances built, staircases relocated, the former centre entrance filled in and flat fronted ends installed. The tram was renumbered 761, fitted with a pantograph and reappeared in 1979 and was used all year round.

The second balloon (714) was rebuilt in a similar way except it kept its centre doors to be used as an exit to allow for better passenger flow. This tram re-entered service in 1982 and received the number 762. It is said that 762 is one of the best cars in the fleet and is the more reliable of the two cars.

Both cars now known as the 'people eaters' due to the fact they could clear a long queue by themselves, both trams were refurbished between 2000 and 2002.

The Jubilee trams are mainly used on the Fleetwood service and during the summer are also used on specials when spare. In 2008, 762 was named Stuart Pillar after the person who designed the Jubilee cars.

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Original Number Current Number Built Status livery Notes
725 761 1979 in service Wynsors world of shoes modernised
714 762 1982 in service Re:Blackpool Advert Named Stuare Pillar