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Welcome to the Blackpool Tramway Website, Last Updated 30th August 2009.


Blackpool and its trams go hand in hand (like fish and chips or salt and vinegar), a summer holiday is not complete without a journey along the prom in a boat tram or vintage tram on a warm and sunny day, (before any one says anything, I know warm and sunny days are rare in the UK!!!!!).

It has been said that the Blackpool Tramway never changes, everything always stays the same. How wrong that statement is, there is always something happening and the Blackpool tramway remains as colourful with many varying liveries and interesting as ever.

The Blackpool Tramway was the first and is the last remaining traditional tramway in Britain. It was initially two seperate tramways with the tramway in Blackpool tramway with all it's town routes operated by Blackpool Corporation and the Line between Blackpool North Station and Fleetwood run by the Blackpool and Fleetwood Tramroad Company before the Corporation bought the Tramroad and the two systems were joined.

Today the Line from Starr Gate to Fleetwood is all that remains as the town routes all closed in the 1960's.

Todays route is 11 miles long and serves approximately 60 stops including: Starr Gate, Harrowside, Pleasure Beach, Manchester Square, Central Pier, the Tower, North Pier, Gynn Square, Cabin, Bispham, Norbreck, Litle Bispham, Cleveleys, Thornton Gate, Rossall and Fleetwood Ferry, with a number of stops in between.

Most of the fleet dates back to the 1930's with many of these trams still in regular service, although some have been extensively modified and some more modern cars from the 1980's are also in use.

Brush Car 627 stabled at Cabin, July 2004
A typical Blackpool Tram


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