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The Green and the Gray - Timothy Zahn

This novel begins with an attempted truce between to warring species that is taking place in New York City. The truce falls apart and in the process two innocent New Yorkers, Roger and Caroline Whittier get pulled into the mix. Now with the help of a policeman, they have to find a way to stop this war before it destroys the city. This novel is like a first contact novel with the twist of having the aliens living among us for years.  The plot is o.k. and the story goes along at a nice pace but looses some of its energy at the end. It is almost as if the author decided at the very end that it was time to end the novel. The novel may have been better if some of the supporting characters were more fully fleshed out. I give this novel 3.10 stars.

Far-Seer - Robert J. Sawyer

This is a novel about intelligent dinosaurs, who are called the Quintaglio, that live on a distant planet. The novel follows Afsan, a young astrologer, who while using a new device discovers something very important about their planet and his quest to convince his people before it is too late. Robert Sawyer builds these fully rounded characters and puts them in a culture that makes the whole story come together in a very believable way. It also deals with the upheavals that Afsan's discovery brings about on his world, upheavals that are necessary if Afsan is to begin the process of saving his people. This is a excellent novel and I give it 4.60 stars.

Fossil Hunter - Robert J. Sawyer

This is the second novel of The Quintaglio Ascension series. The Quintaglio are intelligent dinosaurs that live on a distant planet. A planet that they found out in the first novel of this series, the novel  Far-Seer, is destined to be destroyed. Just as the first novel  dealt with Afsan, his discovery and its impact on his people, this one deals with Toroca a young geologist and his discoveries. These discoveries will be even more traumatic for the Quintaglio than Afsan's and will change the way they look at themselves. Once again Robert Sawyer does a great job of character building and the story moves along swiftly and logically. In this novel we find out more about the origins of the Quintaglio. This is another excellent novel in this series and I give it 4.65 stars.




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