Recommended Books


Ender's Shadow. Orson Scott Card revisits Ender Wiggins beginnings this time from Bean's prospective.


Enchantment. An excellent tale of modern fantasy and the origin of the sleeping beauty tale. Orson Scott Card brings a fantasy that all can enjoy.


The Girl Who loved Tom Gordon. Stephen King's best book of the year. A little Girl lost in the woods faces her fears and finds the strength to survive.


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Seize The Night. Dean Koontz second book in my top ten. The second of his trilogy,  Snow is back.


Fear Nothing. One of two books by Dean Koontz to make my list. The first in his trilogy starring Christopher Snow. The night man.

Resurrection Day. Brendan DuBois book about what if in October 1962 the U.S. and Russia had gone to war. A excellent book.


Colonization: Second Contact. Harry Turtledove continues his alien invasion series. It is now the 1960's and the fleet has arrived.

Dragon's Egg. The remains of a supernova, a neutron star is about to pass close to Earth. That star is called Dragon's Egg and human's first contact with a alien species is going to occur there. Robert L Forward wrote a classic.


Certain Prey. John Sandford's hero Lucas Davenport is back in his most challenging case. This time he may have met his match.

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Reach for Tomorrow. A book of classic short stories by Arthur C. Clarke. Not a bad one in the bunch.

The Complete Fuzzy. H. Beam Piper created one of the best alien species in science fiction. The entire series is here in one book.

Empire of the Ants. This is by far the best book I have read this year! All around us is a ancient civilization that Bernard Werber brings to life.


Darwin's Radio. Greg Bear brings us a excellent tale of evolution and the future of humans. Doctors race to fight a disease from our past. The hope may be in human evolution.

Stars & Stripes in Peril This is Harry Harrison at his best, this novel is filled with historical characters put in situations that you can imagine them in. 

Dune. When you read Dune you realize how complex a world Frank Herbert created. What makes this book one the classic science fiction books of all time is the attention to detail.

Empire from the Ashes. This is space opera at its best. David Weber has created three novels, together in one book for the first time, that is a rocking adventure story from beginning to end. This is one of the best adventure novels you will read.

The Fellowship of the Ring. J. R. R. Tolkien classic first novel of what is arguably the best fantasy trilogy every written. If you like fantasy and never read this, pick it up and see what fantasy can be like.

The Stand. Stephen King wrote a master piece when he wrote this novel. Considered one of the best disaster novels of all time, this is really a novel of death and rebirth. filled with a rich cast of characters this novel is a must read for all fans.                     


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