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All you need to do is look,
For they are everywhere.
They carry with them a protected heart,
They see with a special stare.

They are America's combat Vets,
That many have set aside.
But they speak in words that resonate,
The feelings deep inside.

For they have witnessed a Heaven's Gate,
And cheated the Reaper Sythe.
Nothing quite so important now,
Their memories never die.

Just yesterday I met another,
Who mentioned his tour in 'Nam.
We spoke of times and dates and things,
Lost time in an afternoon sun.

Yet so in touch with simple things,
This Brother with the widening grin,
He opened his heart and showed me still,
There's room for another one in..*g

11bravovet 10-12-98

The Day

I can remember like yesterday the pounding of my heart,
Here was someone to hold me up,
I could not even start.
To deal with pain that haunted me so,
From a War where I had lost.
The strength to carry on each day,
With Pride that once was tossed.
Tossed into a world of thought, that not even I could see,
An ending or a light to shine, and show the way for me.
A certain death..a lonely man
Who walked in a transfixed stare,
Trying to find that special one,
he knew somehow would care.

The days were spiraling into night,
And his nights were filled with gore.
His mind was blunted by the feelings,
He had left on a jungle floor.

But like a breath of Springtime,
When everything's in bloom,
She walked in and took his hand,
To fill this empty room.

There an understanding of this woman and her heart,
That will not let this Soldier fall,
Won't even let him start.

So now he walks in healing, and he sees the hidden whys.
As he sometimes closes off the World,
But he always sees her eyes.


Care Full

A problem of a Man that cares too much,
He tries to make things right.
He tries to believe that kind words still,
Will comfort someone tonight.
And thinking of what He knows is true,
He neglects to watch the door,
That leads inside the soul of Him,
And steals His life once more.

He cares so much and loves so much,
But this is not enough.
He throws His life against the rocks,
On seas that are too rough.

It consumes the Man who can't forget,
A dying Soldier's cry.
The wife and alone,
Are mirrored in His eye.

And when He reaches out to those,
Who offer to help Him see,
They recoil quickly..when they see the Man,
That He was meant to be.

For He follows the blueprint set for each,
He has a goal in sight.
And all He wants to do you see,
Is Live through another night.

Dave/11bravovet 1-17-1998


What is the sound you cannot hear, in the coldness of the night.

What is the feeling you crave to have, far beyond your sight.

What is there now behind horizons, where you have never been.

Does it hold a perfect face, or the same old thing again.

Why were you even put here at all?, and when will you meet your fate?

And are you going to make a difference...before it is too late.

I think I'm starting...and hope to see, the day I'm waiting for.

When Wire is finally removed from me...

And Peace is forever More.

Dave/11bravovet 1-06-1998

Needless to Say


There is a reason that I write, some see it...some do not.

Question the Soldier who opens his soul, slice with a dagger hot?

What's mine, Mine, you cannot have, unless I let you in.

And write a line you'll understand, to set your thoughts to spin.

Directions I do not provide with this, you only need a heart.

And if you understand a Vet, you've made a small...small start.

Do I seek your pity now, approval, or stamp, or seal?

Or do I care, what you think of me, unless my heart you steal.

So climb down off your Golden Perch, and read now what I say.

Tip your hat to a Branch of Service, they've given you this day.

For you to live as you see fit, yet remember this my friend.

Some day you'll sit by a Heavenly Gate, some One will Judge your End.

Then think back then to what you've said,

Think back to what you've done.

'Cause Needless to Say, One stole my heart,

And Judgement Day is done.


A Soldier's Sunset

Why can't I make a sunset last, the fading colors show,

The spot behind the distant ridgeline, as sunlight masks it's glow.

Too soon the day is ending, too soon the evening's past.

Too quickly nightly shadows creep, engulfing colors fast.

The sand that trickles through a glass, won't pause for me awhile.

Can't stop this moment for all time, to capture just the smile.

The span of time between the days, too long for me it seems.

Unfeeling length separating two, holding back life-long dreams.

If I could change this sunsets view--I'd change it now in every hue.

A brilliant sunrise or two I'd keep, just to balance out the days.

But the rest would be filled with laughter sweet, I need in so many ways.

So pause with me in combining strength,

And hold the sun in time,

In place on the distant paint-brush horizon,

Displaying a canvas fine.


Evening's Serenade


Take a walk with me someday, that follows an azure stream,

To where it bends into a riffle, enshrouded in an evening's dream.

Listen closely to the sound it makes, on a cool night's moonlit chill.

Then train your ears to hear the whispers,

You have missed, now never will.

Even many miles from here you'll know, the distinctive sound it makes.

Imprinted upon your memory now, that you can never shake.

You'll know at once the tree frog's song, serenading just for her,

The unusual sound that a bat's wing makes,

When they swoop in a blinding blur.

You'll pick out sounds that you thought weren't there, and replay them in your mind.

Matching sounds with those you see, and others you'll never find.

For the sweetest breath to tymphanic drums, that beats in waiting ears,

Is to hear you'll walk these walks with me,

Forever and through the years.


Day Dreaming


He sits quietly along a mountain stream, for hours and hours on end.

Knowing in it's solitude, he's found a lasting friend.

A friend who opens it's eyes to him, for only his eyes to see. And reveals it's treasures to him alone,

Who waits so patiently.

He sees the pine squirrel knawing cones, silouetted against the sky, hears it's chatter as it scolds a jay, quickly winging by.

Now noticing the flick of a dipper's tail, in the alders that he calls home.

As it quickly flies to a rock in the stream, disappearing beneath the foam.

Curiously many who pass near by, asks him why he stays, and fishes so intently there,

Not listening--they're on their way.

What they don't know is here is Peace, from the troubles of the past.

And here your mind is clear again, with heartbeat racing fast.

There, by the over-hanging branch, a mayfly looses it's hold.

And is quickly sucked beneath the water, by a rainbow ,Oh so bold.

He sees the flash as it makes it's turn, darting beneath the snag.

And he thinks to himself how he'll jump and run, and yes too even brag!

But those who pass so quickly by, will never know the joy.

That stirs with-in the hearts of men, and strikes the hearts of boys.

They will never feel these things, unimportant though they seem.

Never hearing the tiny sounds, that are part of a mountain stream.

For in their haste they pass them by, and take instead of give.

They will never feel the closeness,--they will never live.

For this feeling stays through-out ones life, of happiness and being free.

And I know that you have felt it too, it's become a part of me.

So do not hurry past my spot, but sit awhile and share,

This feeling of contentedness, that nature wants to bare.

For the smile you see is happiness, the Voice you hear is true.

'Cause there's something special about mountain streams,

That are carved out just for you.


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