I would like to dedicate this part of my site to the efforts of two Wonderful Women of the Net. They have helped me from day one in my efforts to write in a professional and eye catching way. Their work and contribution to Graphic design, lay-out, photo framing and touch up , and so much personal understanding and support, is greatly appreciated. It would be an Honor to me if you would visit their respective pages.
Their location is, and Names are..
Jausten,and Misty.

They truly are, Two of the Best!!

This page may take some time to develop, however, I intend to highlight some local Oregon musicians and with patience be able for you to hear excerpts from their music.
In the meantime I will present graphics of their respective art forms.

Thank You..Dave/11bravovet..1-20-1998

Poem that was always Gary's

"Music Man"

I think I know a lonely man, his music seems to cry.

His notes ride winds on Eagles wings, and therefore he can fly.

Each life needs some distraction, each spirit yearns inner peace.

Don't waste a precious moment now, don't want until you cease.

Take from me a lesson learned, of how short a life can be.

And cherish all the simple things, that most will never see.

Live your day as if the last, will fall with the setting sun.

And find someone to share these things, the lyrics not yet sung.

Take the time to relax awhile, alone on a mountain stream.

Or retrace your steps and hope the chance, to relive your every dream.

For with my poems I release the valve, that chokes inside my chest.

I know my place in harmony, to Hell with all the rest.

Strike a note you've missed before,reach out for some lost key.

And let your feelings be your chord,

It's always worked for me.

Dave/11bravovet 2-28-1998

The music contained in this CD was composed, arranged ,and played by
Gary Blanquie. He has a quality that is unmatched as a pianist.
This is his first and he currently has another being recorded at this time.
I can guarantee you that his is the finest quality piano that you will hear!
Gary and his wife Judy live on the beautiful McKenzie River,
where he gets his inspiration to compose.
Ask for his music. It is a rare treat!


Another Oregon Musician..Larry Barkemeyer

Larry Barkemeyer

Larry Barkemeyer is a combat Veteran who lives in Oregon and sings haunting Vietnam Ballads.
His music is both professional and true to life, and currently available on tape.
The jacket is pictured and the Title is
20 Years of Tears.
Larry is a Life Member of Disabled American Veterans, and his music is a depiction of the struggles,stress, and emotional scars
left from the Vietnam experience.

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