by Jerre Divelbiss

I see the stars shining so brightly within the moon blessed sky
I see the sun raise ever so slowly over the mountains high
I hear the hawk’s voice as he flies amidst the morning dawn
I feel the morning breeze, smell the wild flowers full in bloom

Yet some place so deep and dark within my very soul
Are shrouded and closed, no brightness, no brilliance there to find
In mists of misery, enshrined inside, dark places no one can see
To touch the warmth without, my spirit longs to do
As I gaze upon nature’s passion spent
And yet on some days….inside my soul still dies


by Jerre Divelbiss

Awareness of ones self is a wonderful thing
So unfortunate are we who are caught in shadowy sadness
Struggling, we long for something to heal our tormented brains
We shout into the wind, hoping our cries are heard

Will there ever be an escape from the terrible pain
Perhaps, yes…if only in the recesses of our minds
Wait and listen…hear the brothers calling for you
Reach out with your soul and touch, touch the wind
The wind brings whispers from the past

Brothers with tortured and empty hearts..stand still
Listen to the sounds of silence
As the wind gently cools your skin
Eyes closed…,reach out
And touch another brother just like yourself
They too need one to listen..
to share themselves..
not to be alone
The wind listens and touches all souls

Understanding is like the wind,
many ways to go, many stories to tell
Speak…then listen…
Brothers are waiting to hear and answer your pleas
Open your soul and welcome the ones calling for you
Like a touch in the wind, their feelings are there
Carried by and through the wind

Answer the soul that is your soul
They too are alone and have need of someone that will listen
Reach out…hear and feel them speak to you in the wind
Softly, yet so loudly…hear the voice say,
“hear me…for I am here”
Listen to the wind brothers


by Jerre Divelbiss

Let the rain fall again
To heal my heart and comfort my burning soul
Enthrall my spirit with every drop
To wash away all my sins, my memories

If the clouds would render their tender embrace
Lightning could cleanse the shadowy part of my brain
The thunder would obscure my screams
The wind and rain would cool my fevered skin
All the pain I carry could be erased
But reality has become my tangible dream

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