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by Jerre Divelbiss

One man in nocturnal memorial, slipped over so softly among
The long black marble wall, pale face under a cloud of his hair
With black beret on his head, this luminous man
Faded away as the flickering star in this moonless night

Green battle fatigues, he pushed the dark blue casement
Enfolded him in the purple melancholy, dwell beyond the stir
Tumult and crumble of defeated dreams; and deep shadow
Come over his pale eyelids, heavy with unnamable pains

Not natural to be heavy with full misery as man so young
So solitary and stern, being high over the worldly pleasure
Why not set up one peaceful paradise in soul, in deep eyes
What could he have suffered, created the being as he is

Owls began to call,
noise of crickets chattered in the shadows
He slowly kneels in front of the dark marble wall
And with shaking hands
he gently runs his fingers over the smooth stone
As if saying goodbye to old friends,
tears run silently down his cheek
Of summer trees, he as a folded plant, opened and spread
Out in tranquility the soft darkness comforted his torments
As he revealed the pure and delicate fragrance of his soul
One solitary man,
a warrior,
alone with his comrades.



by Jerre Divelbiss

You can only imagine
What itís takes to finally go to sleep
And then wake screaming in the night
What itís like to drift into a dream
And then have your mind scream out in pain
To pay the price for just a few hours of peaceful rest
You can only imagine

You can only imagine
What itís like to be alone
Afraid to be with the ones you love
For fear of what you might do or say
Afraid they wonít understand
And to always feel emptiness deep inside
You can only imagine

You can only imagine
The sights in our mindís eye, the voices in our ears
The smells we smell and the hurt we feel
Feeling angry, tired and bruised
To have very few friends to turn to
To be filled with rage we canít release
You can only imagine

You can only imagine
What itís like to know such pain
How it feels to wake each morning
With a past you canít explain
To live a constant nightmare
That unless you were there, you wouldnít understand
You can only imagine

We can imagine
For we were there, the chosen few
Who lived the whole thing, had a good view
Now Nam is locked inside our heads
Thatís why our nights are so long, so much to dread
We can imagine!


by Jerre Divelbiss

Silently, I stay at the darkness of night
Dwelling about a war long past
Memories of comrades, friendships that always last
But suddenly I feel to be so far from them
I canít find their faces in the annals of my mind
Lone in the heavy blackness, the lonely night

Leaning against a tree in the darkness
The songs of nightingales suddenly ring in my ears
Replacing the fire, smoke and raging noises
This holy cantus floods into my very being
And washes the loneliness and horrors away
The gentle breeze of night cools my fevered brow
And flows away my suffering, my doubts

Forget all space and time and let the cool breeze
Caress my mind and console my haunted soul
For without my memories, I am lost
Oh God, let the cool night breeze bring back their spirit to me
So I may become sane again


by Jerre Divelbiss

Many night shadows, like knifes in the heart,
punching the stillness
The emptiness comes over the body, awake damp and icy hot
Emerging from the starry sky, pain slowly comes to thought
Suddenly sitting with emotionless face,
soulís floods surges over
Over every corner of mind, chilling and tremble, fall down, deeper

Something walks in the dark of night, can not grasp this nameless
Spirit whispers in ears, telling they can bring beyond all torment
Tell of serene waters which build a delicate and graceful palace
To lie down and fly with them, into an eternal emptiness

To say farewell to the torment and pain, come to the peaceful
Let the stillness from soul over tearful eyes, not to scream again
Let tranquility soothe all memories, save you from sufferings
To close the soul, let the emptiness come over the body

With tearful soul, fight, fight the shadows of the night
The night breeze blow, blow a smell of Mother Earthís life
With mateís real love, embrace it into enthrallment
Forget the whispers in dark,
deception is their plan
And live, live life as a whole spirit once again

Song Playing: "Sound of Silence"


From good friend...Jerre Divelbiss

Once they were with us
Playing, laughing, whispering
While always keeping watch over us
We knew them and we spoke to them
They were our comrades.

We watched each other's back
Knew that someone always had our flank
We counted on each other and we embraced them
They were our friends, our families,
Our comrades, our heroes.

Now, in the dark and cool of mother earth
They are in our hearts, our memories which
Remain in this world, if not visible to it
As we walk among the long line of names
Etched on black marble stones.

These stones are their witness in this,
This time after their time
The rushing wind may stir their voices
The voices come not from the black panels
But from within our own hearts, our memories.

The voices carry a message of healing
Messages that bring peace to the soul
Messages telling us that they are still with us
And messages saying 'welcome home brothers.'

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