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Running Deer

Song Playing: Endless Love

"Morning Smiles...*g"

Fresh on a Sunday morning of mist,
With warming sun that dries the dew.
I visit my special healing place,
With a panoramic view.
The air so clear, refreshening so,
I walk in a familiar place,
To take a picture of wildflowers here,
Bring a smile of love to your face.

The quiet just now envelopes me,
Much like the dew of the beauty that cling,
To the petals, these flowers so wild and free,
Promises of the Spring.
I know where these hidden treasures bloom,
With a certainty and a time.
I know their intricate flowers well,
Their hidden secrets sublime.

For what you see upon this page,
Is a blossom that opens in rhyme,
To cradle you in his heart just now.
This morning...and
For all time.

Dave/11bravovet 4-5, 1998

Her "Wildflowers"

Locked inside her wildflowers is the promise that blooms in Spring.
A promise of understanding love,
that only I can bring.
These pristine blooms of passion,
Once captive beneath the snow,
Now rise in unison in my heart,
As only she can know.

Most never see them, some say they care..but why?
Don't understand the hidden beauty,
Can't love as much as I.

For I was given the gift of life.
And I want so for her to see,
These simple wildflowers that I give today.
So much a part of me.

I know just now it's not enough.
To last throughout the day.
But maybe the words "I Love you",
Will somehow still portray.

That you are always with me,
And for you I will go on.
To face the pain of a long lost War..
And wait for you in dawn.

Dave/11bravovet 3-27-1998


The Gate

A child of love not meant to be,
Will never cry again.
For she meets the Father in harmony,
And grows hand in hand with Him.
Sheltered beyond the Heaven's Gate, above the falling rain.
Here is Peace in streets of gold,
here no feeling pain.

For all the reasons not yet seen,
I give this poem it's due.
Hoping to console the heart,
No judgement placed on you.
The daffodils will bloom today,
To show the truth that's here.
And rain drops on their yellow flowers,
Will replace the fallen tear.

One day the Gate will open for you.
You'll experience what I now feel.
And you will find comfort in open arms,
And know these words were real.

So do not cry a sleepless night,
In pain for what is past.
Love's never gone..just waiting still,
Behind the Gate at last.

Dave/11bravovet 3-03-1998

Daffodil Dream

Look for the promise of a daffodil,
That shows his heart to you.
Hidden beneath a winters chill,
It struggles for the view.

Locked inside a dormant life,
Not sure it will ever live.
With an Angel's touch of warming sun,
It rises just to give.
It's beauty for only you to see,
It will always carry on.

Never to forsake your hopes,
Stands by you in morning dawn.
Regaling in the new life here,
Brought forth in this special way.
It invites the young heart in your eyes,
put an end to winter's day.

Sway with it on the Spring-time wind,
Laugh now forgetting all pain.
Dance with the colored life it holds.
Drink from the falling rain.

And when you think he has forgotten you,
And his bloom is gone away,
He will rise to greet you in the mist,

It will always be this way.

Dave/11bravovet 3-02-1998




An angel arrived...just today,
A gift...yes from the heart.
She holds a child upon her lap,
A Dove for Peace to start.

Her journey was precarious,
Her selection, a simple sign,
That speaks of meaning in the thought,
To last now for all time.
She plays a tune that you know well,
She sings with melodious note,
Coincidence maybe, but I think not...
A heart within the throat.

The edge of night, now has a day,
The edge of doom...a path,
A Soldier heals, and more can see...
An ending to the Wrath.

And if one person, turns away, from self inflicted end,
Then I have successfully made a point,
And helped a lasting Friend.

So carefully tend the Angel there,
Knowing what she may hold,
A window for you to see the world,
Just because it's so.

And in times of sadness, that I hope will never be.
She'll whisper softly...play a tune...
and remind you,
Just of Me.

Dave/11bravovet 1-14-1998

A Soldier's Poem


There are many nights such as these,
Sleep not possible, it seems.
And thoughts keep reoccuring still,
Trapped in lonely dreams.
Why must she be so far away,
Her touch I feel at night.
And yearn the softness that's not there,
Yearn to hold her tight.

But if I close my eyes and think,
Of where I'd like to be.
It is very simple in my mind,
For even me to see.

This feeling of empty-heartedness,
Can only end one way.
For her to take the all of me,
And hold me close some day.

Until we join in splendid bliss,
The loneliness is deep.
And rips the soul of one once strong,
And causes him to weep.

So do not pass a judgement,
On the sincerity of my thought.
Until you hear the time I speak,

And loneliness is naught.

Dave/11bravovet 2-27-1998


A middle-aged man in the prime of his life,
Walks in the wilderness here.
And travels the valleys, the mountains and hills,
Looking for someone to hear.

He tries with great patience to seek out a voice,
To answer the cry that is his.
But it's heard by no person except for the One,
Who gives reason for life as it is.

He walks in the shadow that haunts his thoughts,
Of the past where no one can see.
So his path slowly trudges with prints in the snow,
To one place that he knows he is free.

And there 'neath the moon on a shimmering lake,
He casts his cry to the Wind.
And it's answered with kindness, that he's never known,
From a place that he's never been.

With heart yearning for answers he looks to the sky,
And there in the clouds of his mind.
He watches the Eagle and a Wolf that transforms,
Telling him the answer he'll find.

They tell him to gaze to the depths of the lake,
A sign and a reflection to see.
And there on the surface like a mirror shining back,
Letting him inside to see.

The dream of his heart and the companion he seeks,
Is the same vision he has known to be true.
Although all alone in this desolate place,

The vision he now sees is You.

Dave/11bravovet 2-20-1998

When You Are Old: by Yeats

When you are old and grey and full of sleep,
And nodding by the fire, take down this book,
And slowly read, and dream of the soft look
Your eyes had once, and of their shadows deep;

How many loved your moments of glad grace,
And loved your beauty with love false or true,
But one man loved the pilgrim soul in you,
And loved the sorrows of your changing face;

And bending down beside the glowing bars,
Murmur, a little sadly, how Love fled
And paced upon the mountains overhead
And hid his face amid a crowd of stars.

Etched in Time

What is the gift on Valentines,
That I can give to you?
One gift above all others,
That will make these words ring true?
It is not flowers that wilt and die,
Nor a jewel that sparkles free.
All I have to offer here, is a poem for you to see.

I was given a special gift..
Just once..An understanding heart.
And on that day I met the one,
Who caused this love to start.

She stands by me in painful times,
When it seems I can't go on.
And encourages a Soldier healing still,
To face another dawn.

So how to repay that kindness now,
On a day set aside for hearts.
I only have this promise here...
With great feeling it imparts.

I will always love you,
And it will always be,
More lasting than the flower,
More precious than diamonds be.

For what I give you in this poem,
Of simple lines for you,

Is all of me forever more,
I hope that this will do.

Dave/11bravovet 2-11-1998

Perfect Two

There is a Dream I'll protect for you, like a candle in the night.

For it lights the way for me to see,

With a purpose that seems right.

In all the years of diligent search, for an understanding heart.

I know this morning where it resides, outline for you the start.

Somewhere as small as the eye of a needle, through which this poem can pass.

Can also capture a memory, for just two, and make it last.

No two snowflakes can ever be, just like one they say.

But I think otherwise, and have watched them merge, when they melt in the sun at play.

And now they are one, and the mystery of love, we complicate at it's start.

And look for perfection everywhere...Except within our heart.

And when you realize, what makes you smile...

You'll pass through the Needle's eye.

And awaken to find a Perfect Two,

With love , the reason why.

Dave/11bravovet 1-31-1998

Fair Breezes

This Poem Dedicated to Cindy

There is a new song upon the air, it's playing just for me.

There is a new breeze on the wind, so easy for you to see.

For what you've done is instrumental, in healing that is near.

You helped to turn my life around, and that is why I'm here.

Spinning wildly with no control, you gave me back the sight.

And gave direction to the Poems, hidden in the night.

And now they flow so freely, on a site of this Soldier Home.

Gave back a sense of purpose, made him see...he's not alone.

So simple was the gesture, Held out an encouraging hand.

But without that heart of kindness, none would ever understand.

How to repay...I do not know, but this I promise now.

I'll try the very best I can, to someway show her how.

Dave/11bravovet 1-23-1998

Clouds In Daylight

...Request of A Young Indian Girl and printed Here from the Past...


Clouds In Daylight

How do I tell him that I love him, so he will really know?

What are the words he needs to hear, to convince him not to go.

"I love you", is not enough to him...just words they seem to be.

How do I tell him...in more than Words, there's so much more to me.

Is it a song that he yearns to hear, or is it the touch of someone near.

Tell me God...so I may be, all he ever wants to see.

Put my name upon his lips, a tender word that easily slips,

Into his heart when he does not know. This love so fresh as falling snow.

Make him see with new found sight, that all I give is so, so, Right.

And please Lord make him love me too, and never hurt his whole life through.

For what I offer, he knows not why. And thinks the tears will never dry.

But love can heal the deepest scar, for I'll stand by him near and far.

And finally he will see that Love, and I will know it's from above.


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