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Thank you Debbie! Beautiful award.

Thank you so much Laine! It is much appreciated.

Thank you very much, Bobby and Bev Padgett!

Thank you so much Ruby Beloz!

I am Very Proud of the honor of this Award
Thank you....Presented by: Corey (aka) Gunny

Thank you Claudette for this award and your comments.!

Sent to me from 'Brian'....another 'Bro'.
Eleven years old.:) (but has the Heart.!) Thanks Brian..!

Thank you Jausten for this beautiful award. The picture...I have been there once when small. Someday I must get back. Thank you for all you do.
Dave/11bravovet 3 18,1998

Blue Ribbon Award

Some say that "Love is the answer," some think about it, And some Act upon it. I know the "Definitions", and the heart behind it. Thank you, Cindy.......*g! 12/19/1997

Hero Award

My only goal was to touch your heart, My only mission is to make you feel and hear the sounds and sights that so many have lost forever to the autrocities of War. May Peace always shine on all of us. Thank you so much Lois, for this Prestigious Award! I salute you!! 12/21/97

TopVet Award

I have never been so inspired by a couple working in tandem to help so many of us out there. My full dress Salute to you John and your wonderful wife Lois. Visit these sites!....No greater Love is shown on the World Wide Web.. Thank you so much for these two Prestigious Awards.
Dave/11bravovet..1998 01-03

military award

There must be some way for me to express the Heartfelt thanks for all of your direction, your professionalism in design, and encouragement to continue to write and just "Come Home."
Needless to say I have not found a gift that great to date, but continue to search.

Thanks, Dave/11bravovet 1-04-1998

Integrity Award

"Dave, I have never given a site two awards before because none has moved me to do so. That was until I visited your site and read your beautiful works of Art.
Each poem or story I read fills my heart with joy, and sometimes sorrow. The Award attached is from my heart Brother, for your writings. I wish I had the talent to do them myself, but since I don't, I read yours. I've visited sites that display their awards with the comment from the sender, and for the most part, I find it unnecessary to do so.
However, you may post this message with your award as I would like all who visit your site to know what an impact your work has on this old Marine.
Semper Fi and may God Bless you.............John

John.......As a fellow Soldier, The highest honor In return is for me to Salute you Sir: The highest award that you have given, is to all of us a portrayal of Love , Devotion & Understanding between a Man and his Wife. I will always hold that one Passion as an Unsurpassed Medal that all of us would love to someday achieve. Carry on......carry on......and Thanks, Dave/11bravovet



White Swan: Thank you so much for this beautiful award! It means much more to me than you realize. It speaks not only to me, but to one of the Brothers with-in these pages.
Thanks so much
Dave/11bravovet 3 28, 1998

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