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Lt. Colonel Harold Joseph Alwan

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I would like to share a healing process of Poetry and Writings,
that are the innermost feelings of
a VietNam combat soldier
A perspective on War and Families.


A Christmas Poem

A Tribute to
Uncle 'Duke'Gubser

Memorial Day 2005

A Tribute to
Eugene,/ Springfield

Don't Believe in Angels?
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"The Wall"

Gazing along the Wall today, the names I did not want to see,
As twenty years of sorrow and grief, overpowered even me.
So turning slowly to move away, I felt the power of it all,
As 58,000 inscribed Names beckoned with their call.
And there among the blackened panels,
The names reached out to me.
They tightened my throat and filled my eyes,
For all the world to see.

The clap of thunder, that was not thunder,
Still rings within my ears,
And memories of their vacant stares, have followed me for years.

I heard their voices over again, I felt their sickening pain.
As the friends of mine and yours and more,
Lay dying in the rain.
Who made the choices? Who drew the names?
Why them and why not me?
And it's haunted me day to day since then,
For reasons I could not see.

Don't turn away. Don't hang your head.
Don't leave us now they call.
Instead come close and talk awhile.

We're always at "The Wall."

Dave/11bravovet SSG 1st of the 14th Infantry RVN

I hope these pages find the words,
To look into your heart.
And when you search your soul today,
A good place there to start.

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December 28th, 2005

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