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Link to http://kodocha.isgreat.net

Kodomo no Omocha on the Web
Pretty comprehensive listing of Kodocha sites, yup you guessed it, on the web!!

Kodocha Anime
THE place to get Kodocha fansubs!! They do a wonderful job of fansubbing and they distribute too...

Luna Arts
Download Kodocha Episodes!! I think they have 1-24 up.

Kodomo no Omocha MP3 Horde
Lots and lots of Kodocha songs!!

Kodomo no Omocha Mailing List
A great discussion list for all Kodocha fans or those who just want to find out more about it...

I only translated Manga Volume 7 and 9. Check out 1-6, 8, 10 here.

Chinese Online
A great source of mangas translated into Chinese and they have Kodocha of course.

Ochiba Anime
Great place to download hard to find anime...cool webmaster too ^_^

Kodomo Ja Nai No Yo
Nice growing site on Kodocha ^_^

Tokyo Anime
Another nice growing site with a cool cel gallery and anime reviews. ^_^

Anime Web Turnpike
THE Guide to Anime.

Anime Pitstop
Another great place to fulfill your anime needs ^_^.

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