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This page was last updated on Friday, 02 August 2002.

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Archive 1

atwork03.gif (6262 bytes)     Major changes will be listed here for your perusal benefit.     atwork03.gif (6262 bytes)    

13/1/08- Made a few edits to remove personal details and so on. Been ages since i've done anything, so yeah basically dead here except as an archive.

2/8/02- Gradually updating all the Warhammer stuff, so expect new army lists, and batreps over the next couple of weeks.  I have updated the 6th edition stuff since the High Elf book has been out for a while now.

1/8/02 - Added a WHFB Zoat picture, a 3rd edition lizard-centaur thing, and some pictures of my 40K armies.

9/5/02 - New Mongol pictures of my boots and Chinese repeating crowssbow.

1/5/02 - Finally an update!  PS2 games list updated, reviews to follow.  Flintheath fighter practice info added.  New Rant on Halo and Microsoft's dubious X-box tactics.  Pictures of our cat, Tricia in armour.  And as mentioned, i've ripped out a stack of pictures to make some space, so a few broken links till i get thru everything (could be sometime).

12/09/01 - Pruned some photos to make space on my account, added more PS2 reviews, starting a Warhammer 40K section.

4/07/01 - Finally added some new Warhammer army lists and reports.  Also the 2001 South London Warlord WHFB tournament is starting, so there is some new pages for that too.

27/06/01 - Reviews of Extermination, Rumble Racing and Unreal Tournament.

6/06/01 - Rave of Great Chesterford, a quaint English village with good pubs.

17/05/01 - Even more PS2 game reviews, plus i have reformatted the layout to make it easier to update.  Added new links and hacked the format for this about too.

21/04/01 - Finally got Frontpage 98 remodified, why can't it remember links and stuff when you re-import a web?! <mutter, mutter piece of crap>   Added PS2 reviews of Quake 3: Revolution and Oni.

28/03/01 - Updated links, added two army lists plus brief reports.

27/03/01 - Three new Playstation 2 reviews, Z.O.E., Star Wars: Starfighter and Kessen.  I'm not Marshal anymore so changes to that page, and a few tidying bits and pieces.

23/02/01 - More photos, stuff from NZ, and better quality pics of my Elves.  My computer is being hacked about, so there may be long pauses between updates, in fact this may encourage me to redo the whole site in frames, but the downtime may be some weeks or months...

25/01/01 - Fixed my Guestbook, Geocities have changed the format again!  Added a battle report of my WHFB High Elf vs. Vamp Count battle.  Updated my PS2 game reviews.

11/01/01 - The fantastic PS2 game SSX is now mine, initial thoughts now, full review when finished.  Work pictures, for all those wondering about cubicle life...

06/01/01 - Changed index animation to a modified gif.  Wrist camera pages updated, also more pictures.

04/01/01 - Added a review of my first Playstation 2 game, TimeSplitters.

01/01/2001 - Happy new year,  We are now into the 21st century!

20/12/00 - Updated Playstation 2 again, due to now owning one!  Added official UK stats and will put some pictures up real soon.

16/12/00 - Final results for the South London Warlords tournament, also added GW's official errata for 6th edition.  Added an Archive page for "What's new", this was getting a little large, so a clean sheet for the new year!

14/12/00 - Rehashed Playstation 2 stuff, rant about the effort involved to get one.

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