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6th Edition
Army lists
High Elves

whlogo.gif (2770 bytes) fantasy Battles is a tabletop miniature's wargame, produced by Games Workshop.  You and your opponent(s) control a small army of heroes, mages, and troops.  Generally you fight and attempt to kill or rout your enemy , however it is becoming more common to have missions, and not to merely fight to the death anymore.

evilelf.jpg (22851 bytes) Eldar Avatar of the Bloody-handed god  (572410 bytes) NippleElf.jpg (165403 bytes) Teclis.bmp (706406 bytes) Games Workshops also produces a smaller scale version of Fantasy Battles, a sea/ship combat game, and a skirmish/character based game.  Other genres include a space orientated system, Warhammer 40,000 ("Epic" small scale, and spaceship combat games, with "Necromunda" being a skirmish/character version), a Mad Max techno-fantasy game: "Gorka Morka", fantasy gridiron: "Blood Bowl", and various boardgames (most now out of production).  There are of course many supplements, magazines and miniatures to support the genres.

Although not the best wargame ever made, Warhammer Fantasy Battles can keep you amused.   It runs reasonably fast (if you don't debate the rules), and is very "bloody" in terms of the body count that can be achieved.  Magic can unbalance the game, and sometimes you will find yourself unable to defeat one particular enemy hero, despite destroying the rest of your opponents army...    Don't take it seriously!

The High Elves page is slanted towards the uses/strengths/weaknesses of specific units, plus their stats, descriptions and pictures of my minitures. 
6th Edition has stuff on Ravening Hordes and new army books, breakdown of the new rules compared to 5th, and the current FAQ.
Tactics page contains general tactics on High Elves.
Analysis has cost-comparisons and rants about the game system in general.
For my tournament results go to the Army lists and click on an army as appropriate.
Just about everything else is in the Army lists link - battle reports, and of course (mostly) High Elf army lists.

Documentation for my Elf banner (847224 bytes) elfbannerf.tif (832338 bytes)For your amusement, and to help justify the size of my Army Banner, here's a picture of a Milanese period banner I found in the Castello Sforzesco.  I think it was from the 16th century, and was carried in front of the Milan Army at that time.  It is huge, cool huh?!

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