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Rumble Racing

Driving game : 1-2 players : PS2 Memory Card : Analogue Dual Shock : SCEE/Deep Space

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Result :                  5 -  SSX with cars

Graphics:           7 - unexceptional solid stuff
FMV :                 5 - intro is average
Sound :              4 - somewhat bland
Music :               5 - forgettable
A.I. :                 6 - not bad for a driving game
Lifespan :          5 - mid-length?
Gameplay :        5 - racing with tricks
Adrenaline :       6 - driving plus weapons

Rumble Racing is a car racing game with the noticeable exceptions of having tricks to perform (giving you a short turbo boost) and having powerups and weapons dotted on the course.  There is the usual fare of different cars, bars representing Acceleration, Handling and speed.  loads of courses, all with suitable amounts of jumps and shortcuts. 

The game looks pretty good, no popup, bright bold colours, and the cars have nice skins on some (flames etc).  Powerups have flashy effects, the best being the tornado you can summon to sweep away your enemies.

Sound is likewise good, but really there isnt much new here, stuff you expect nothing outstanding.

Overall Rumble Racing is a fun take on the drive game.  For me however it dosent match up to SSX.  The tricks aren't as stylish, and the controls dont feel as "hands on" as other games.   It also suffers from that cart-game problem where you can get hit by a bomb metres from the line and it knocks you from a win back down the table, annoying!  Rentable.

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