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This page was last updated on Saturday, 10 March 2001.

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Just who is Zane Hembest?

I'm me!

This has been edited due to the seeming prevalence of nicking personal details off the web... But have a look about at my piccies and ranting.

Smile :-)   (25466 bytes) Barely concious after 36 hour flight (6380 bytes) I love work, work is fun (7675 bytes) Here's some self portraits.

Expensive silky outfit (1029804 bytes) Warm and wooly (700258 bytes)   In Mongol costume.

Practice vs. King John of Caid (64705 bytes) Glave and war-banner at Canterbury Faire (44678 bytes) Arming up (473475 bytes) Me practicing vs. Jergen (825138 bytes) Taking a breather at Drachenwald Crown Tourney (931812 bytes)Chatting to marshals, knights, and slayer (734415 bytes)  Different evolutions of my armour.

Hey, nonny, nonny! (1629510 bytes)Black Russian with bells on?! (1989108 bytes)  In fool/jester costume, plus a gratuitous cod-piece shot!

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