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Work - a day in the life...

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We all do it, we all enjoy it, why?  because of the satisfaction and joy of bringing happiness and enlightenment to others.  Here's an assortment of pictures and descriptions of a day in my working life. 
Note: the company has various guidelines and policies about publishing info about it, it isn't suspicious at all, they just like to keep a low profile...

leave home.  Bye bye Mr Metalman (6982 bytes) dodge traffic into Bank (6669 bytes) Cubicle heaven, Dilbert would be proud (8823 bytes) my workspace, which is around the corner from the main bit, upper righthand edge from last picture (7918 bytes) my PC (8258 bytes) the "art" wall, any embarising photots will be discovered and placed here! (9017 bytes) sweet coffee (6258 bytes) Big brother cameras.  We love the company, the company is our friend... (6824 bytes) example server, they are usually in long rows however (7531 bytes) patch panel, techie types are not tidy (9138 bytes) circuit boards, they break more often than one would think (9204 bytes) disk array, this is a small one of 3x 9.1GB (8297 bytes) always serious at work, ouch! (8324 bytes) hmm, aim's off today (7817 bytes) breakfast at the canteen (6836 bytes) another satisfying day completed (7675 bytes) dodge worse traffic home (6536 bytes) sometimes you have to play in the snow as well (6170 bytes) Jan, The Boss (5966 bytes) Derry the semi-boss (7307 bytes) Smithy, we share desks (7903 bytes) Jeffo working hard (7685 bytes) Gaza, he likes Buffy! (8464 bytes) Jenni answering the helpline phone (8498 bytes) Wassaup?! (15976 bytes)

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