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WQV-1 : Casio Wrist Camera

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Want a cool gadget?   then this is it.  Basically it is a small digital camera built into a watch.   The pictures arent great, the battery lasts about 6 months or so depending on usage, and you have to have a PC to download the Casio special format pictures (you can convert them to BMP or JPG).  Saying that it is nifty, in a man-gadget kind of way.  Mainly because it is always there.  You do need quite a lot of light to get reasonable pictures, but this ability to snap anywhere means you can "waste" shots either in the hope they will turn out, or just because you see something cool.  I have found that stuff which i'd never bother snapping with my 35mm I zap with the wristcam just for nostalgia's sake.  Comparatively expensive, I can't wait for the next-gen of mini-cameras to appear.

The website i4u has an excellent review plus full stats, has pages full of pictures taken with peoples wrist cams.

Here's a range of shots showing what it can do:

Lion Red, Maate! (7481 bytes) Auckland Sky Tower (5798 bytes) Jorin defeated in Warhammer Fantasy Battles :-> (7598 bytes) Beefeater (8955 bytes) Work whiteboard (8155 bytes) Waitamata harbour (6787 bytes)

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