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"Persistence and diligence is the way to success"
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                                                THE YOUNG AND AVID MINDS:

         The young and avid mind website basically is been created to help youth's be heard since that's a huge issue here in Nigeria, the source and medium to advocate this young talents is lacking,so here is a way to showcase what talent you posses, all you have to do is contact us and we would showcase your art on this website and as we continue to gain more viewers i believe this website would take a new turn and viewers please be willing to tell us your objective and critic opinion of what will be presented to you, every month the individual given the highest of tributes will be awarded the "YOUNG AND AVID MIND INDIVIDUAL"for the month  which will simply be deviced by using a poll which would make it easier for you the viewers to give your candid opinions by clicking on vote.

     This website is basically to showcase your talents in different ways and forms, i promise you your's shall not be rejected, all you have to do is sent us your name, your age, gender,your field of work, what's your favorite philosophy, what you have done or what you will do to inspire young minds., and i promise you your's would be written on this page if it has any form of revelance to the heading above.

    A heated debate would be brought to you, also there is going to be some a suggestion box which we can use to eradicate such thoughts and happenings in our country, and world as a whole across to you from different parts of the world, what's and what we can do to help and we would try to sent the best of comments to those who require it and are longing for this words of inspiration to get through this period in time.

    This is not restricted to only Nigerians alone, so if you have any thing worth saying please do no dither to click on this page.

    This is not an easy way to fame oh! we are just here to help you make your voice been heard so don't start contemplating how many days from when your article is been pasted on this website, night would suddenly turn to morning, you have to work hard to become a prominent being in our society, "always be at alert to embrace every opportunity as it comes" that's a thinking that you should always chew over.

  •  First Rated words!!

  This website is simply marvelous, the construction of words that would be uploaded on the site would simply win your souls, its basically filled with life, helps advocate the new system of poetry words, bring to you the latest on the upcoming Nigerian Artist and individuals in different fields in life, its a site to inspire the aspired, giving new success tips every week, thinking deep is the way, lets reveal the positivity in us.

                                                                                                                        Written by YoungRevelation


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