Egyptian Tarot Readings
Using Ancient Egyptian  Mystic  Cards, Yasmene will give you a reading that May Astound you,  Shock you, or make you Laugh, at what is inside your very own soul.

Readings are done from one of 2 different Egyptian Tarot Decks, You choose the deck yourself.  One deck is Named Isis, the patron Goddess that guides the life and hands of Yasmene, and the Other one is Horus who isYasmenes Patron God .

To Obtain a Reading you must email the following :

1.Choose your Reading Deck,  either
Isis or Horus
2.Give your First Name Only,
3.Give your Date of Birth
4.Give your place of birth
5.Send a Recent Head Shot Photo
(May use clear web cam photos)


Alternate name[s]: Hor

Horus is king of the living, and is one of the most important deities of Egypt. As a child, Horus is the son of Osiris and Isis, who, upon reaching adulthood, avenges his father's death, by defeating and castrating his evil uncle Seth. After this he became the divine prototype of the Pharaoh.

Horus is usually depicted as a falcon, or as a falcon-headed man. Like, Maat, Osiris, Seth, and Anubis, he was present at the Judgement of the Dead.

Alternate name[s]: Auset

Isis is perhaps the most important goddess of all Egyptian mythology. Her most important functions were those of motherhood, marital devotion, healing the sick, and the working of magical spells and charms. She was believed to be the most powerful magician in the universe, owing to the fact that she had learned the Secret Name of Ra from the god himself.

Isis was the sister and wife of Osiris, sister of Set, and twin sister of Nephthys. She was the mother of Horus the Child (Harpocrates), and was the protective goddess of Horus's son Amset, protector of the liver of the deceased. Isis was responsible for protecting Horus from Set during his infancy; for helping Osiris to return to life; and for assisting her husband to rule in the land of the Dead.

Isis is usually depicted as a woman wearing the crown of Hathor, a solar disk held inbetween cow horns.

To get a Reading from Yasmene, Please email her your photo  along with your First Name, Date of Birth, and Place of Birth and the God or Goddess you wish to guide your reading.
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