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The Pictures
These pictures are entirely my own, and I tried my best to maintain the feel of the Old Gods. Some of them don't have images, so I made 'em up. I made a note in the text whenever I was forced to fly blind like this.
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WARNING: some of these pics are pretty big, so they will be slow-loaders at best.

Yet ANOTHER small picture of Mars

Green Religion in General

Spiritual matters were very important to the Green Martians in DC Comics. While they had an organized priesthood, with temples, holy books and other trappings, they also encouraged individuals to praise the gods in their own way - provided this didn't harm another or trample on the feelings of their neighbors.

The DeMatteis/Badger books suggest that large, free-form aerial displays and spontaneous choirs (only possible really if you have a nation of telepaths to work with) played a large role in how they worshipped their gods.

Water is mentioned by J'onn J'onzz as being considered sacred by his people. Because of its scarcity, it may have played a role in some rituals or worship services.

The Greens tended to blur the line between religion and science - in some cases, it seems that they considered them to be identical. Titles like "priest-historian" or "priest-scientist" are occasionally thrown up in some comics.

The Paratexts

While the Greens probably had a "master book" of religious stories, not unlike the modern Bible, in JLA, Issue #4, J'onn J'onzz mentions a body of work called "The Paratexts". This book, from the sound of it, blends ancient history and mythology together, and tells of the depravations of the Pale Martians. I would like to suggest that The Paratexts are rather like today's "Books of the Apocrypha". The "Apocrypha" ---and no, I'm not making this up---is composed of a set of, well, short stories that were not included in the main body of The Bible, but were set aside for reference purposes. Any good library should have access to a copy, should you care to look them up (they make for interesting reading, if you like religious books, and there's nothing "occult" or blasphemous about them, so you can relax). Today, most folks have never even heard of The Apocrypha. And in J'onn's time, most had only a passing understanding of what The Paratexts were.

L'Narr probably loved them. But then, that's just me.

And I did say I was a goon, remember?

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H'ronmeer, God of Death and Fire


Referred to as "The God of Death and Fire", in his appearance in the DeMatteis/Badger series the god himself claims that he's "The God of Light and Life" instead. In my opinion, he's both.

I would suggest that H'ronmeer would be though of by the Greens as a Shiva-like figure. He destroys, but also makes anew; he brings death, but also makes room for new life. He is the act of returning energies to the cycle itself. To be clear: H'ronmeer is NOT a devil, and it's clear that the Greens don't see him as an evil entity.

J'onn J'onzz' own religion places him in a trinity of god-figures, suggesting (to me) that H'ronmeer might be related to, or even the husband of, C'eridyall, and perhaps a sort of male-fertility deity ("virility god"?).

Latter-issue JLA comics hint that the Pale Martians also worshipped H'ronmeer, but they don't say whether he was part of a larger pantheon or not.

The image of H'ronmeer presented here owes a lot to the DeMatteis/Badger series.

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C'eridyall, Goddess of Life


Mentioned once only in the DeMatteis/Badger series, she is listed just as the "Goddess of Life".

I like to think of her as a sort of All-Mother/Eve figure, but that's just me. I drew her as a glorified female Green.

She probably would be a healing/sustaining deity. H'ronmeer oversees birth and death, while C'eridyall takes care of the life-span between these two points.

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The Unnamable One

"Who is the God Behind All Gods" - so says DeMatteis/Badger: the great unknowable godhead that appears to sentient life in the form of a thousand other gods and goddesses, including H'ronmeer and C'eridyall.

This may, or may not, be the same "being" as any number of other DC Comics "godheads", such as "The Source" or "The Presence"

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Lord L'Zoril

Lord L'Zoril

The Green Martian name for Dream (Morpheus), taken from Neil Gaiman's Sandman series (issue #5: "Passengers"). He was drawn rather like a "floating head" version of H'ronmeer, so I tried to work with that in the picture without making him into just another fire god.

The Endless apparently have, or had, demi-god status in the Green religion.

". . . May you guard us in the darkness and on the pathway between waking hours, and protect us in dreams from the flame of your wrath.", or so says J'onn.

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