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RCT (1 and 2) Fans' Land

RCT 2 has released! Please go to buy it!

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My Screenshot

My Tracks





My Screenshot

RCT can be played in Windows XP!

RCT can be played in Windows XP!

RCT can be played in Windows XP!



My Tracks

RCT 1.x Tracks (may be used for 2.0)

My first track uploaded here: DRAGON


Download: Dragon00.zip

The file includes:
dragon.pcx (screenshot)
dragon.td4 (track)
New Year Special.sv4 (source saved game)


My second track uploaded here: ICY CORKSCREW

Icy Corkscrew

Download: IcyCork.zip

My third track uploaded here: Linear Twister

Linear Twister

Download: Twister1.zip








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Last updated: November 3, 2002



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