Meet my babies......
These are my Pet chinchillas. Better Pictures coming soon.
Sire: George
Dam: Grace.
Pet quailty.
Sugar- My White violet female. she is one of my sweetest chins. She will jump into your arms. She loves people.
Gracie-Is my hetro-beige female. She is very friendly and loves to be out of her cage.
George- Standard gray male. He is a ranchie rescue. He Is my little ladies man. He loves to talk out loud and get the whole herd going.
Boo- Is a standard V/C female. She is very shy and just seems to be a chin that would rather not be a real people person.
SMOKEY- He is a Male Standard. He is the first chinchilla I ever got.
Bubbles Belongs to Stef.
Sire: George
Dam: Gracie
Pet quaility

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