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I recently bought a farm in Southern Quebec

My farm is in the planning stage, here in brief is the main attractions:

  • My farm has 20 acres of fields and 60 acres of forest. 1 acre is fenced (it used to hold ostriches) which has been modified for goats.
  • The forest will be tended to and walked through. The 98 Southern Quebec ice storm has damaged many trees but the forest will survive since the big trees suffered only branch loss. 
  • My daughter wants to build a horse stable and run a riding center. 
  • My farm will be an environmentally friendly farm.
  • I have 1 male and 7 female angora goats. I hope to raise a herd of 50 to 70 goats. If everything goes well, it should take 4 years.
  • May 99 update: I now have 5 male and 5 female kids. I never thought I would fall in love with my animals. 
  • March 00 update: added 7 males and 7 females kids.
  • Angora goats produce mohair wool. I will be weaving arts and craft type blankets and anything else I can think of. Since I have been practising the fiber craft, I now have garments and blankets for sale.
  • I am also planning a commercial greenhouse in which I will grow medicinal herbs.
  • The farm has been named: La Ferme Gamache - Woolly Woods Farm
  • Fall 99 update: we now have a lovely young filly named Shelby and we have on loan Ali, an arabian stallion and Zézette a white pony.

Angora Goats For Sale

Male, Female from 3 months to 5 years.  Some are or can be registered.
$75 to $200  (US $)


Mohair Craft For Sale

(US $)
Hand spun with silk and 100% kid mohair
Colour natural or black
100% mohair filled bedcover double $100, queen $130 (equivalent to 4 season sleeping bag)
Heavy Socks $14 (shown below) - Socks $10 - Hats $10 - Scarf $27 - Mittens $10 (shown below)
(hat, mittens and scarf as a set)


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